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Everything Turn-Based: Weekly RPG News And Releases 22 June 2024

Written by Marcello TBL

Top RPG News And Releases Of The Week - June 22 2024

Summer has just begun here in Italy, but I have just returned from my 10-day vacation, which caused the weekly recap to be skipped for two weeks. Now, I am finally back in action, so as usual, let’s take a look at all the major news, announcements, and new RPG releases from the past few days.

Nintendo Direct, And More In Weekly RPG Recap

A few days ago (June 18), the Nintendo Direct was filled with numerous announcements and news about Nintendo’s portable console. Many notable turn-based titles were announced, showcasing a wide range of high-quality games.

Let’s start with the Red Hook Studio announcements of the Darkest Dungeon II approach on Switch. The dungeon crawler, released on PC in 2023 and set to launch on PlayStation in July, will also be available to Switch users on July 15, 2024. It will come in a standard version and an Oblivion edition, including the DLC The Binding Blade.

Romancing Saga 2 Remake
Romancing Saga 2: Revenge of the Seven Just Announced During Nintendo Direct

We live in an era dominated by remakes and remasters of past masterpieces. As mentioned in previous articles, I’m not a fan of this trend. However, giving other users, especially younger ones, the chance to discover gems from the past is absolutely a good thing. The latest remake announced is Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven.

The HD remake of the 1993 cult RPG is set to launch on October 24, 2024, for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, and PC. Developed by the team behind Trials of Mana, this remake features modernized graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and enhanced strategic elements. Players will enjoy a refreshed experience with the free-form scenario system and timeline mechanic, allowing choices to shape the story and empire’s destiny. The game includes rearranged music by Kenji Ito and offers both Japanese and English voice options. Pre-orders for the physical version are now open, making this a highly anticipated release for RPG fans.

Let’s stay on the remakes topic with the renowned Dragon Quest series, which is also set to produce some unforgettable gems. Square Enix and Artdink Corporation have announced that Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake will launch worldwide on November 14, 2024, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC via Steam and Microsoft Store, priced at $59.99. This reimagining of the classic RPG uses vibrant HD-2D graphics and modernized features to enhance the original experience. The game includes new animations, an adjustable battle speed, and an auto-battle setting within its refined turn-based combat system. Pre-orders include a Trouble-Free Travel Kit with various in-game items, while the Collector’s Edition features physical collectibles and additional in-game bonuses.

Alongside the release date announcement, fans of the renowned Square series will also be able to replay chapters one and two on all platforms in 2025.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership
The first new entry in the franchise in nearly nine years.

Staying with the Nintendo Direct, there were two major announcements, and this time, they were new titles, albeit from well-established franchises. The first one is Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero, a tactical RPG sequel to the PlayStation 2 JRPG Phantom Brave. Developed by the creators of the Disgaea series, this new installment follows Marona and her phantom companion Ash on a fresh adventure in the ocean world of Ivoire. They encounter the Shipwreck Fleet, ghost pirates led by a masked man aiming to exploit Marona’s powers. Players will experience turn-based battles on gridless maps, deploying spectral troops by binding them to battlefield items. New gameplay features include combining phantoms with gadgets and fusing with phantom friends for powerful abilities. Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero is set for a 2025 release on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

The second one is Mario & Luigi: Brothership. Marking the first new entry in the franchise in nearly nine years. Nintendo executive Shinya Takahashi described the game as a “seafaring adventure” featuring “evolved Bros. moves” and a dynamic twist on traditional turn-based combat. Set for release on November 7, 2024, exclusively on Nintendo Switch, players won’t have to wait long to join Mario and Luigi as they explore the vast world of Concordia, navigating Shipshape Island and venturing through diverse environments from tropical rainforests to bustling cities. Along the way, they’ll meet new allies and familiar faces like Peach and Bowser. The game tasks players with keeping the Brothership afloat and using powerful Bros. attacks to overcome obstacles.

Let’s close the news section with new details about the most anticipated tactical RPG Flint: Treasure of Oblivion. Publisher Microids and developer Savage Level have released a new gameplay trailer showcasing isometric exploration, turn-based battles, and comic-book-style dialogue. Set to launch in Q4 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, this game transports players to the golden age of piracy. Players will embark on a quest for a mysterious treasure, navigating varied environments and engaging in tactical turn-based combat where dice rolls add an element of suspense and strategy.

Top New Turn-Based RPG Released This Week

Now, we will take a look at all the RPGs released in the last few days. We are going to start with Interregnum: False Prophet. A tactical, turn-based strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world of eternal winter. Developed by Spacewalkers, the game follows the False Prophet, a parent leading a group of survivors to a promised land. Players manage resources, character warmth, hunger, and fatigue while engaging in realistic turn-based combat. The Early Access version is available now, with a full release planned after a 12-month development period to incorporate player feedback and additional content.

Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet World Map
Interregnum: False Prophet is a Survival RPG Now Available in Early Access

Next on the list is Deck of Souls, a roguelite deck-building game by Bigboot Studios and HeroCraft PC. Players create heroes, turn enemy souls into cards, and navigate through tough battles. The game features RPG elements, allowing players to customize their hero’s capabilities and appearance and make strategic choices about boss encounters.

Bandai Namco took PC players by surprise with the release of Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster. The title brings updated versions of Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and Baten Kaitos Origins to Steam with enhanced graphics and new gameplay features. Players can experience these classic RPGs with an improved card-based battle system, auto-save, New Game+ mode, and more. The remaster supports multiple languages and is available for $49.99, with a 10% discount available until July 1.

Sandwalkers Roguelite
Exploration RPG Sandwalkers from Goblinz Studio.

One of the titles I was eagerly awaiting has decided to make its debut somewhat unexpectedly in early access. Sandwalkers is a roguelite turn-based exploration game developed by Goblinz Studio. Players guide a caravan of adventurers through varied, hostile environments to find and resurrect the Mother Tree Umama. The game involves battling pirates, monsters, and wizards, dealing with harsh weather conditions, and making strategic decisions that affect future expeditions. I’m actually playing it, and in the next few days, I’ll give some details about the game.

And let’s close the list of all the new releases with an improved version of 2021 RPG Echo Generation, which introduces the Midnight Edition. Reminiscent of Stranger Things with old-school graphics and gameplay, this adventure game blends exploration and turn-based combat with QTE-style skill challenges. Developed by the creators of Ravenlok, this new edition features enhanced localization, optimized graphics, an improved battle system, and the addition of fast travel.

The weekly RPG recap ends here. I’m very excited to (re)-activate the YouTube channel and get in touch with you all. Wish you an awesome weekend. Ciao


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