Fight The Core Conspiracy in Unique Turn-Based JRPG Granser – Overview

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Granser Jrpg

Granser is a story-driven RPG developed by Steve Gal and published by Pugware. Inspired by classic JRPGs, the game follows Saragat and his allies as they uncover and attempt to dismantle the sinister conspiracy of “The Core,” all while a greater ancient threat looms. The game’s narrative spans 39 chapters filled with engaging story content and meaningful side quests.

Granser JRPG

The gameplay features a unique turn-based battle system centered around Focus management, where players must master timing to maximize offensive and defensive maneuvers. Status effects and exploiting openings are crucial for victory, while active timing elements enhance both attack power and defense. The game also includes a real-time airship battle system, adding another layer of strategic depth as players navigate aerial conflicts against various foes.

Set in a world dominated by magical technology and Mana, Granser presents a rich, immersive environment where humanity rules, but shadows of ancient powers linger. Players explore an overworld map teeming with dynamic events, trade, and weather systems. Additionally, the game features special monster hunts and mini-games such as skyfishing and hover racing.

Granser has a 2024 release window and a demo available on PC through Steam. The overview, screens, and demo trailer are below.


Follow Saragat and his dubious allies as they untangle the web of lies and attempt to dismantle the shadowy conspiracy of “The Core”, as a far greater threat will reawaken from the distant past.

Featuring a unique turn based battle system centred around Focus management. A quick and responsive system without healing, where status effects and exploiting openings is the key to victory. Use the active timing system to both increase your offensive power as well as block or even parry incoming attacks, or allow the dice to take control of these outcomes. Build your combo increasing the damage of the entire party with good timing, and gather Burst to allow one of your party members to unleash a chain of directional attacks to release their devastating finishers.

The world of Granser is ruled by magical technology, and infinite energy in the form of Mana. Humanity dominates the world and its skies in an age where both Gods and Dragons are reduced in numbers to near extinction. Not is all as it seems though as the shadowy conspiracy The Core pulls the strings behind the scenes and conduct inhumane experiments in an attempt to extend their life and eradicate the few remaining Gods.

-39 chapters of story content, and meaningful side-quests.
-A unique turn based battle system with active timing elements.
-A real time airship battle system for aerial battles against other airships and flying creatures.
-An overworld map alive with weather, trade, air traffic, and dynamic events.
-Unique special monster Hunts.
-Mini games like sword training, sky fishing, hover racing, etc


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