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Recruit Vampires, Tax Accountants, or Whales in Crazy Roguelite Million Monster Militia – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Million Monster Militia Roguelite

Explore Thousands of Synergies In This Mad Roguelite Auto Battler

Million Monster Militia is a crazy and innovative roguelite game developed by Space Capsule Games and Dejobaan Games. This game blends auto battler and deckbuilding genres, where players draft an eclectic army of fighters ranging from succubi and tax accountants to whales and soldiers.

Million Monster Militia

With a mission to liberate 50 U.S. cities from colossal bosses, players start with civilians and soldiers, evolving them through training and strategic choices. Players can recruit diverse troops, each offering different synergies and abilities, from power-leeching vampires and tactical nukes to mutant transformations. Battles are turn-based with auto-battle mechanics, emphasizing the importance of troop composition. The game features a vast array of recruitable characters, each contributing to potential game-breaking synergies.

Game Features:

  1. Diverse Recruitment Options: Players start with basic Civilians and Soldiers, training them up and transforming them into a powerful and eclectic militia. The choices range from mundane to fantastical, such as giant rats, aegises, sirens, and even tactical nukes that result in mutants.
  2. Strategic Synergies: The heart of the game lies in finding and exploiting synergies among the troops. The composition of the militia is crucial, as each unit’s strengths and weaknesses need to complement each other to be effective against the giant bosses.
  3. Random Deployment: During battles, 25 troops are deployed randomly, emphasizing the importance of strategic planning during the recruitment phase rather than micromanagement during combat.
  4. Campaign and Setting: The game is set across the United States, which includes 50 cities overtaken by 50 giant bosses. Players must travel across the country, liberating these cities and recruiting new troops to strengthen their militia.
  5. Replayability: With the inclusion of thousands of synergies and various unit combinations, the game offers extensive replayability. Additionally, a significant update added 140 trillion custom game modes, further enhancing the variety of gameplay experiences.
  6. Achievements and Compatibility: The game includes 77 Steam achievements and is compatible with the Steam Deck, ensuring it can be enjoyed on the go.

Million Monster Militia is a PC game that is actually available on Steam. Below is an overview with screens and a trailer.


Roguelike Autobattling Deckbuilder

Draft an army of… Succubi? Tax Accountants? Whales? It’s up to you! Discover thousands of possible synergies based on what fighters you choose. Fights are snappy and turn-based. Recruit your army and let them fight for you!

Deploy and Attack!

50 giant bosses have taken over 50 cities in the United States (including recently-annexed Montreal). It’s your job to cross the country, gathering troops to free the terrified population. Start with a bunch of Civilians (armed with nothing but hope) and Solders to train them up:

Recruit Your Militia

Will you pick the Soldier who will turn your citizens into hard-bitten troops, or the Succubus, who will turn them into power-leeching Vampires? If you dabble in the occult, bring along a Priest to channel the power of your Undead. Backed into a corner by Nyarlathotep? Deploy a Tactical Nuke to concentrate your militia’s attacks into a single mega blast. Sure, it’ll turn them into Radioactive Waste, but that’s how you get Mutants.

Game-Breaking Synergies!

Once on the battlefield, 25 of your troops will deploy randomly. You have no control over where they go, which means that it’s the composition of your militia that’s most important. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the important bit is the synergies. Recruit the right combination of troops, and you’ll probably kick giant boss butt.

Whom Can You Recruit?

Civilians, soldiers, giant rats, horny beasts, aegises, sirens, nautiluses, whales, improvised explosives, Crimson Terrors, Aracks, stone golems, Varroa Destructors, weredragons, water, radioactive waste, tinkers, game developers, lawyers, priests, paladins, altars, mad scientists, nuclear bombs, medkits, strength serums, power-ups, wills o’ the wisp, gold dragon eggs, gropers, gold, gold dragons, skeletons, scrap metal, robots, mecha, mutants, mutant fusion, mutant colonies, mutant juggernauts, zombies, fungal spores, giant funguses, ghosts, hell portals, hellhounds, doctors, anarchists, empty cannisters, alchemists, red dragons, sheep, heavy machine guns, slimes, dire wolves, archers, rat kings, death worms, monster hunters, cloning chambers, succubuses, vampires, writers, librarians, bookshelves, books, mimics, paramedics, chemical drums, barbarians, grenades, recyclers, EMPs, grey goo, focus shrines, phoenixes, hydras, fire, capacitors, box jellyfish, element beasts, cockatrice eggs, cockatrice chicks, cockatrices, bioweapons, oozes, greater oozes, mammoth oozes, unifier machines, captain flags, stasis rings, dog catchers, power pellets, roman candles, time bombs, graveyards, secret chests, claymores, monkey gods, Trevor, whiskey, seed pods, cycad sprouts, cycad tendrils, cycads, Venus flytraps, Venus mantraps, silver, randomizers, webbing, Great Equalizers, steam, djinni, deep ones, garbage collectors, towers of retribution, Internal Affairs Officers, cornucopias, tax accountants, hyperchargers, extra lives, extra health, reavers, ascetics, hustle goblins, berserkers, apprentice thieves, journeyman thieves, mirror demons, pacifists, golden goo, diversity demons, Idols of the Dead, Arks of the Covenant, laser frogs, engineers, sacrificial spam, holy cows, recruiters, Darrrrr(s), panthers, ferrets, giant birds, convention halls, androids, demonslayers, green hands, Terra Creepers, Ion Stalkers, aaaaaaaaand Replicating Spiders.

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