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The Best 25 PC Turn-Based Roguelite Games To Play in 2023

Marcello TBL

We’ve all heard the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed – try, try again.” Roguelites take that ancient bit ...

Top 10 Roguelites/Roguelikes to play in 2022

Roguelite Party – Top 10 Turn-Based Roguelites to play in 2022 – Part II

Marcello TBL

What's the difference between Roguelike/Roguelites?? I don't know.... and I'm not very intent on getting into that in this article. What I do know, however, is that to give a guideline to our blog and especially to my mind, I define Roguelikes as all those games that arise from the ashes of Rogue (1980) and therefore what I expect to find in this tag are games like Stoneshard , Tangledeep, Tales of Maj'eyal, ADOM and more.

Top 10 Turn-Based Roguelites 2022

Roguelite Party – 10 Indie Turn-Based Roguelite Games to play right now – Part 1

Marcello TBL

Nowadays it's very hard to find free times to do something; work, family various duties takes all our time and maybe the idea of surfing a 40/80 hours RPG it's scary. Fortunately, there is a category of games that goes under the Roguelite tag that can help us in our short and intense sessions in front of the monitor.

Brutal Orchestra

Brutal Orchestra – Review

Damiano Gerli

Dying, what an interesting experience! Well, I suppose none of us really know anything about it, but we sure love to fantasize. What is next, after all is dead and gone? According to Brutal Orchestra, what is next is a full-on roguelite strategy experience of having to track down our killer in order to get revenge. Well, not that we care that much about it, but it’s something to do while waiting for our eternal reward, I guess…


Overland – Review


Overland is a turn-based survival roguelite that sends you on a fleeing coast-to-coast roadtrip set in post-apocalyptic America. The cause ...