Hunt Basque Mythology Creatures in Roguelite Dungeon Crawler Pyrene – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Pyrene Deckbuilding roguelite Game

From the “very positive” PC and Mobile Game FORWARD: Escape The Fold Devs, Two Tiny Dice, comes a deeper and more complex deckbuilding dungeon crawler roguelite called Pyrene. Set to release in 2024, this indie card-based game invites players to dive into the depths of Basque mythology, offering a unique narrative backdrop rarely explored in the gaming world. Players will find themselves in a village destroyed by legendary monsters tasked with rebuilding their homes while unearthing the mysteries behind their downfall.

Pyrene Card-Based Game

In Pyrene, players will need to master the art of deck-building to survive the treacherous dungeons of the Pyrenees. Each hero comes with unique abilities and traits, allowing for diverse gameplay styles and strategies. Collecting powerful artifacts, relics, and spells is key to enhancing the deck, enabling players to face off against formidable foes, including the demon Herensuge and his monstrous minions. The game features distinct biomes, each presenting unique challenges and gameplay modifiers, making every expedition a test of wit and adaptability.

Players return to their village between dungeon crawls to restore buildings and unlock crucial upgrades. This cyclical gameplay loop ensures that progress is both meaningful and rewarding. Pyrene emphasizes replayability with its vast array of objects, biomes, and relics, encouraging players to develop ingenious strategies for each run.

Pyrene is in development on PC, but there’s a demo version to try, and a fresh one will come out during the Next Steam Fest in June. Below is an overview via Steam and screens.


Defeat legendary Basque monsters and rebuild your home in Pyrene, a deckbuilding roguelike with dungeon crawling mechanics. Collect powerful artifacts, relics and spells for your many heroes while uncovering the mysteries behind your village’s destruction.

Reunite your fellow townspeople to fight off the Demon Herensuge and his hordes of monsters, brought straight out of hell to terrorize the villagers. Use your deck-building skills to make it out of the unforgiving dungeons of the Pyrenees alive.

Experiment with various characters to switch abilities and traits that open up extremely varied styles of gameplay. Design elaborate strategies and make the most of the items you gather along the way to maximize your powers during every expedition.

Unlock powerful relics and cards that you can switch on-the-fly to maximize your deck in between enemy encounters.

Fight through distinct biomes, each with their own monstrous fauna and gameplay modifiers.

Between expeditions, return to your village and restore buildings to unlock upgrades for your items and spells.

Join our Discord community for chances to playtest the game in the coming months! We’re always listening to feedback from players, just as we did for FORWARD: Escape the Fold. We want to make the game the best it can be, and we believe that building it with the community is the best way to do just that.

  • Uncharted Setting: Pyrene is based on Basque mythology, a never-before seen pantheon in video games. Learn more about these untold stories, deities and creatures
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Balanced between ease of play and strategy, Pyrene presents deep deck-building elements that intertwine with its dungeon-crawling gameplay to force you to think before making any move.
  • Unique Characters: Play as a diverse cast of characters from your village, each one possessing unique skills, mechanics and magic. Tailor your deck to you hero to make the most of each run!
  • Built for Replayability: With a wide range of objects, biomes, relics, talismans & spells, no two runs are the same and you will be able to develop ingenuous strategies to navigate the game’s story and endless modes YOUR way.


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