Shuffle Tactics Roguelite RPG

Pixelated Indie Tactical RPG Now Has a Publisher, A Trailer, And a Public Alpha Demo Soon

Marcello TBL

The Arcade Crew and developer Club Sandwich have unveiled Shuffle Tactics. Frequent readers of TBL might recall that the game ...

Pyrene Deckbuilding roguelite Game

Hunt Basque Mythology Creatures in Roguelite Dungeon Crawler Pyrene – Overview

Marcello TBL

From the “very positive” PC and Mobile Game FORWARD: Escape The Fold Devs, Two Tiny Dice, comes a deeper and ...

Shattered Heaven

Strategic Roguelike Shattered Heaven Unveils New Gameplay Details in Latest Trailer

Marcello TBL

Shattered Heaven, the highly-anticipated strategic Italian roguelike featuring card-game fights and RPG mechanics, is nearing release. To help bridge the ...

Divinity Chronicles: Journey to the West

Divinity Chronicles: Journey to the West – Overview

Marcello TBL

Divinity Chronicles: Journey to the West is a challenging rogue-like deck building game based on the classic Chinese novel: Journey to the West. Build your unique deck, gather powerful relics and consumables to confront legendary creatures and eventually discover the truth behind the omen of darkness.

Demon's Mirror

Demon’s Mirror – Overview

Marcello TBL

Demon's Mirror is a roguelike deckbuilder blended with a strategic puzzle battler. Use powerful cards and create massive chains to attack and defend against the enemy. Gain ever-increasing powers as you traverse through a world filled with your worst nightmares.