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Discover the Ultimate Loot In Inventory Management Roguelite RPG Megaloot – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Megaloot Roguelite

I don’t know if you’ve ever played Backpack Hero, but I’m introducing a similar game. Megaloot is an enthralling Inventory Management Roguelite RPG developed by Axilirate and published by Ravenage Games.

Players find themselves in a mysterious world dominated by a tower that replicates objects from various realities. Within this tower, players engage in fierce battles, relying on meticulously managed loot items such as armor, magic rings, and weapons to develop unique and powerful builds. The game’s strategic depth is highlighted by the need to effectively combine loot, creating synergistic setups that allow players to unlock new deck cards and become ultimate power hunters.

Megaloot Roguelite Overview

In Megaloot, the journey involves defeating enemies to earn gold, which can be spent on acquiring new loot items. Players must continuously manage their loot to become stronger in battle, absorbing the mythical power of discarded items to temporarily enhance their abilities.

We are talking about a roguelite game, so death isn’t the end; instead, it allows players to collect souls from defeated foes, which can be used to acquire new deck cards, summon new hunters, and upgrade attributes.

With quite impressive features like over 100 unique loot items, 23 different stats, and 99 floors of the endless tower, Megaloot offers simple yet addictive gameplay with high replayability. Megaloot is in development with a 2024 release window, but on the 7th of June 2024, the developer is going to release a prelude-free version on PC. Below is an overview via Steam, screens, and trailer.

About the Game

There is a mysterious tower in this world that replicates all sorts of objects from other realities, creating an indefinite space full to the brim with monsters, strange creatures, people, and loot. You have found yourself in this reality and now it’s your path.
Entering the tower, you find yourself in fierce battles that require valuable loot items – armor, magic rings, weapons, and much more. These are essential tools for developing your unique builds while clearing the tower’s floors.

Defeat enemies and earn gold, which can be spent on new loot items. Continuously manage your loot to become stronger right in the battle by absorbing the mythical power of the items you discard – even if for a mere moment but with dedication it’s enough to ascend to near godhood and kill whatever twisted creature stands in your way.

If you can no longer equip an item, convert it in the middle of battle, overpowering enemies with frenzied force.

When you die, you progress by obtaining souls from slayed enemies, which can be used to acquire new cards for your deck, summon new hunters, and get attribute upgrades. Balance between strengths and weaknesses to maximize your power to the fullest extent.

Key features:

  • 100+ unique loot items with many variations of characteristics that have a synergistic effect to create unique builds
  • 23 stats like Toxicity, Strength, Wisdom, Faith, Recovery, and more, which can be combined with loot and deck cards for a unique strategy and tactics
  • 99 floors of the endless tower
  • 9 characters (more to come) with their abilities
  • Simple, addictive, and challenging gameplay
  • High replayability at any time


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