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The Last Spell Developer Is Publishing A Promising Solo Indie Tactical Roguelite RPG

Written by Marcello TBL

Forgotten Mines Tactical Roguelite RPG

Epic Dwarven Quest Awaits in Pixel-Art RPG Forgotten Mines

Ishtar Games, developer of acclaimed The Last Spell, works as a publisher for Forgotten Mines of Brazilian solo developer Cannibal Goose. The game is a tactical RPG that masterfully integrates rogue-lite elements, plunging players into a quest to reclaim ancient mines from a host of foes, including goblins, orcs, skeletons, and demons. Players must navigate through procedurally generated challenges, applying strategic thinking to overcome ever-changing obstacles. With a variety of classes and gear to customize, the game promises a dynamic and nostalgic adventure reminiscent of classic RPGs.

Forgotten Mines

In Forgotten Mines, players lead a vengeful dwarven army determined to reclaim their heritage. Forced out of their ancestral mines, the dwarves now seek to restore their honor by battling against monstrous invaders.

The game blends tactical RPG elements with roguelite mechanics, offering an unpredictable journey. As players lead their dwarven clans, they face intense combat scenarios where every move counts. The roguelite nature of the game ensures that each defeat provides valuable insights and opportunities for growth. Upgrading equipment and unlocking new abilities is crucial as the dwarves grow stronger and more adept at handling escalating threats.

Forgotten Mines features a nostalgic pixel art style, evoking the charm of classic RPGs. Each character, enemy, and environment is meticulously crafted, bringing the dwarven world to life with vibrant colors and detailed animations. The game’s dynamic environments, including intricate cave systems and ancient ruins, enhance the immersive experience.

Customization is at the heart of Forgotten Mines, with a vast array of character classes and equipment available. Players can assemble a diverse team of dwarven warriors, each with unique abilities and skills. The extensive selection of weapons, armor, and artifacts allows players to tailor their team to their preferred playstyle.

Forgotten Mines is ready to hit Steam on July 23rd, 2024, for PC. Below is an overview, screens, and release date trailer.


A fantasy tactical roguelite RPG. Small in scale, grand in depth, replayability, and challenge.

One millennium has passed since an excavation found the gates of hell in the mines of Dorvgrad, and the under-Earth became glutted with monsters. As their leader, seek revenge with the united might of the dwarven clans, and return the Forgotten Mines to the Dwarven Kingdom, the rightful keeper.

Reclaim Your Lost Mines

With limited turns and the threat posed by over 50 enemy types and bosses, you must learn to adapt to unpredictable situations in each journey through the vast mine network. Think smart, take risks, and develop strategies for the next challenging run.

Customize Your Warriors

Mighty axe-wielders. Agile rogues with rapid daggers. Wise mages harnessing the arcane. These are just three of dozens of unique and specialized warrior classes to unlock and put to the test in the brutal underworld. Experiment with different combinations of warriors in your quest to assemble the perfect team for the perfect run.

Class selection is just the tip of the iceberg. Delve deeper into customization with a vast selection of equipment to unlock and use to modify your warriors. Weapons, armor, accessories, artifacts; each unique piece of gear can be swapped in and out to give your warriors distinct attributes and bonuses. As the dwarven leader, fine-tuning and preparing your fearsome team ahead of each run is essential if the correct heads are to roll.

A Punishing Descent

Dwarves don’t go down without a fight.

With powerful foes, dynamically changing environments, and few turns to enact revenge, your quest to reclaim the mines is built to challenge and punish. Your will to persevere is sure to be tested, but with strategic thinking, team-tinkering, and tactical finesse, the thrill and rewards of success are always within reach.

Hardened dwarven leaders can push themselves even further with the unlockable Descent Mode, bringing merciless modifiers to each run that will test even the best of the best.


  • A minimalist, small-scale fantasy tactical roguelite RPG
  • Timeless, retro visual design
  • Use precious gems mined from the mountain’s core to unlock new gear and dozens of classes to customize and craft a dwarven warrior team
  • Take back what’s yours from unsparing goblins, orcs, skeletons, and demons
  • Descent Mode offers a greater challenge for warriors looking for an uncompromising quest


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