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Turn-Based RPGs And Strategy Games Of July 2024: All The New Releases

Written by Marcello TBL

Top RPGs and Strategy Games of July 2024

Some suggestions on what to play in July 2024

Let’s see all the RPGs and Strategy Games being released in July 2024. For those who don’t know, on TBL we’re focusing exclusively on turn-based games. July seems to be a quieter month for releases compared to earlier months in 2024. Nevertheless, the list below includes some potentially interesting games. I’ve already found something intriguing, and I hope you do, too.

Kingdom, Dungeon and Hero

The month starts with a Grand Strategy game that zooms in to offer detailed RPG mechanics. It’s called Kingdom, Dungeon and Hero and is an indie project developed by Kraken Studio that invites players to explore a dynamic world where kingdom management meets intricate dungeon crawling. Players lead their kingdoms, defend their lands, and conquer adversaries in a realm beset by the Corruption Curse.

Kingdom, dungeon and Hero

Players must collect Unity Runes to thwart the fallen god Draeul and his monstrous creations. The game features hex-based maps that emulate a board game experience, where players can form armies, manage resources, engage in diplomacy, and send heroes on quests to explore dungeons and uncover valuable artifacts.

The RPG aspect includes the possibility for players to hire heroes to lead armies, govern cities, or embark on missions, enhancing their kingdom’s power through research and magical items. Additionally, a level editor allows infinite maps and custom content creation. Available in multiple languages, Kingdom, Dungeon, and Hero promises a deep, engaging experience with a main storyline and various scenarios to immerse players in its expansive fantasy world.

Governor of the West

Equally intriguing for me is Governor Of The West. Developed by Birdworks, this turn-based simulation game transports players to the Old West, where they start by choosing a character and exploring a procedurally-generated map filled with settlements, resources, and wildlife. Players will recruit a gang of outlaws, each with unique strengths and weaknesses, and manage resources to build and develop their town. As players progress, they must balance exploration and resource management while racing against time to maintain their character’s youth and vitality.

Governor of the West Strategy Game

The ultimate goal is to become the Governor, either by building up enough dread to seize power or by gaining fame to win an election. Each playthrough is unique, offering different starting characters, perks, and strategic paths to victory.

Players can focus on living off the land or establishing a thriving settlement to support their gubernatorial ambitions. With no one true path to success, the game encourages diverse strategies and replayability, ensuring that every journey through the Old West offers new challenges and opportunities. Set for the 12 of July 2024 on PC with a demo available.

Darkest Dungeon II

Another noteworthy release this month is Darkest Dungeon II for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. This highly anticipated sequel continues the legacy of its predecessor with its signature dark atmosphere and challenging turn-based mechanics, bringing intense, strategic gameplay to console players. Red Hook Studios‘ second chapter invites players to form a party and embark on a journey through a decaying landscape to prevent the apocalypse.

Top Turn-Based Horror RPGs

The game features a stagecoach as the primary means of travel, and players must manage their team’s stress and relationships to survive. Players can expect to explore five distinct regions, each with unique challenges and creatures while uncovering the tragic backstories of their heroes and unlocking new abilities. The game also boasts an evolved art style with improved 3D visuals and animations, alongside an immersive audio experience featuring narration by Wayne June and a score by Stuart Chatwood. You must wait for the 15th of July.

Space PrisoN

One of my personal most anticipated RPGs of July is developed by Wooden Alien and published by Firesquid, and it’s called Space Prison. A survival Turn-Based RPG set for release on July 18, 2024 on PC where players must navigate the harsh environment of a space prison, using a combination of strategy, social RPG elements, and combat to rise within the ranks of prison gangs and ultimately plan their escape.

The game offers a choice of three prisoner races and various criminal skills, allowing for diverse gameplay experiences. Players can join one of two gangs, Gravity Fist or Hypernova, each with unique members and storylines, and must build relationships with 18 different inmates to gather the resources and intelligence necessary for survival and escape.

Space Prison

Space Prison features basic tactical turn-based combat, requiring players to utilize improvised weapons, skills, and allies to navigate and fight through the prison. Crafting plays a significant role, with players able to create and conceal contraband items to aid in their escape plans. The unique rogue-lite recovery system ensures that death is not the end; if a player dies, their mind is transferred into a new body, allowing them to continue their quest with all previously hidden contraband intact.

Escape from Ever After: Onboarding

Another interesting title is Escape from Ever After Onboarding, which will give us a chance to try out the prologue on July 19 on PC. An innovative RPG from Sleepy Castle Studio, drawing inspiration from the beloved Paper Mario series. This prologue version plunges players into a whimsical world where they must resist the encroachments of Ever After Inc., a corporate giant exploiting fairytale realms for cheap labor.

Escape from Ever After RPG

The game features a dynamic and timing-based combat system that encourages experimentation alongside party customization with unique character skills. Players can engage in witty office dialogue, assist storybook colleagues, and personalize their workspace. The richly detailed storybook environments are packed with side quests, treasures, and secrets, all accompanied by an upbeat, jazzy soundtrack that enhances the vibrant atmosphere.

Ova Magica

There can never be enough Pokemon-like RPGs, so new games that focus on capturing and improving creatures are always welcome. However, when you add the entire structure of Stardew Valley—with farm management and base-building- and instead of classic monsters, you have blobs, each unique in its own way—you get Ova Magica.

Ova Magica RPG

Ova Magica, developed by Skinny Frog and ClaudiaTheDev is an engaging blend of JRPG, farming, and monster-taming elements set in the charming Clover Town. Players can cultivate their farms, grow diverse crops, and decorate their homes while raising adorable blob creatures with unique abilities.

These blobs, akin to Pokémon, assist in farm tasks and participate in tactical turn-based battles. The game offers a vibrant community with 13 befriended characters, each with rich storylines and heart events leading to romance and marriage in the full version. With customizable characters, seasonal festivals, and the mysterious Blob Worlds to explore, Ova Magica promises a wholesome, content-rich experience for fans of life simulation and adventure games. It is expected to be released on PC on the 23rd of July and later on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch as well.

Forgotten Mines

Forgotten Mines is the kind of video game that has been catching my eye lately. This RPG offers short yet continuous gaming sessions, which is perfect for people with limited time and those who prefer straightforward stories and plots.

Forgotten Mines

Developed by Cannibal Goose and published by Ishtar Games – guys from The Last Spell – the game is set in a fantasy underworld teeming with goblins, orcs, skeletons, and demons and gives players the burden of leading a band of dwarven warriors on a quest to reclaim their lost mines.

Featuring a minimalist retro visual design, players must build and customize their expedition team with various classes like axe-wielders, agile rogues, and arcane mages. Each run through the treacherous mines is fast-paced and challenging, requiring strategic thinking and adaptation to survive the dynamic environments and formidable enemies. With over 50 enemy types, a vast array of gear to unlock, and an unforgiving Descent Mode for extra challenge. The release date is set for 23 of July on PC via Steam.

Gobs and Gods

I mentioned this game in an overview a few days ago, describing it as “Battle Brothers meets South Park.” It’s called Gobs and Gods and puts players in the shoes of a goblin tribe as they freely roam the game world, tackling “goblin issues” filled with humor.

Gobs and Gods Tactical RPG

Developed by two talented brothers, Alexandre Gilotte and Thierry Gilotte, this RPG offers the freedom of exploration and the combat system seen in Battle Brothers. Players can recruit new members and equip a wide variety of items and armor, making for a uniquely entertaining experience.

Gobs and Gods are uniquely goblin-centric, often absurd and humorous, defying typical epic quest expectations. As goblins fall in battle, their experience boosts the player’s divine powers, allowing for continuous growth and adaptation. Set for release in July 2024 on PC, this game promises a mix of tactical depth, open-world exploration, and a humorous twist on RPG conventions.

Other titles that deserve mention and are expected to be released in July 2024 include Breachway, an FTL-like game with deck-building dynamics and mechanics, Arc Seed with its pixelated giant robots, and Rune Coliseum, one of the most visually inspired titles.

This concludes the list of RPGs and strategy games anticipated for release in July 2024. I plan to review them towards the end of the month to see if there are any noteworthy titles to add to the list. Now, let me know what you think of these games by joining our Discord server and our YouTube channel. Ciao


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