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Battle Brothers Meets South Park In Tactical RPG Gobs and Gods – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Gobs and Gods Tactical RPG

There’s something really special about Gobs and Gods, a tactical RPG developed by Alexandre Gilotte and Thierry Gilotte. It’s not just that the title is developed by two brothers; what stands out is the graphic style, which immediately reminded me of South Park. After seeing the combat system and map exploration, I thought there was a clear inspiration from Battle Brothers. And God! or Gob! It works like a charm.

Gobs and Gods Gameplay

In Gobs and Gods, players will navigate a whimsical world where they are revered as gods by goblins, who are both allies and fodder in battles. The game offers a sandbox environment with procedurally generated maps, ensuring replayability. Players engage in fast-paced, hex-grid combat, utilizing goblins to fight, cast spells, and make strategic decisions with limited resources.

In Gobs and Gods, exploration spans from smelly dungeons to mysterious mage towers, with goblins providing colorful commentary as they face quests tailored to the goblin perspective, adding humor and unexpected twists to the narrative.

The game balances tactical depth with real-time elements to keep battles engaging. Success in battles allows goblins to level up and gain new abilities, while defeats grant players devotion points to enhance their god-like powers. This system emphasizes the expendable nature of goblins, reinforcing the game’s playful take on traditional RPG mechanics.

You can try the demo available on PC via Steam, while the full game is expected to be released next month. Below are some screens, an overview, and a trailer.


The Tactical Rpg Going Full Goblin Mode!

In Gobs and Gods, you freely explore a fantastic world full of magic, wonders and crazy surprises.
The bad news: its nicest inhabitants are … Goblins.
The good news: they seem to believe you are their God.
Hire, equip and level-up a band of goblins to fight and die for you in tactical turn-based combats, while you uncover the secrets of this world, and maybe find your way out of there!

The Gameplay Includes:

  • free exploration of a sandbox world
  • fast tactical turn-based combats
  • a wide variety of absurdly unique quests
  • levelling your army of expendable goblins while increasing your own powers.

Free Exploration Of A Sandbox World

At game start, you can choose either the default map or a new procedurally generated world map for increased replayability.
You will explore smelly dungeons, mysterious mage towers and prosperous villages … all that while getting the opinionated comments of your goblins about the places you visit.

Fast Tactical Turn Based Combats

When encountering an enemy mob, the game switches to a turn-by-turn combat on a hexagonal grid.
Your goblins must act each turn with a limited pool of action points, to move, hit, cast a spell, or maybe insult the opponent.
They can also unlock more powerful moves by spending “essence” points, but this resource is limited, making for difficult tactical decisions.
To ensure there are no downtime, the opponents move all simultaneously during the AI phase, and the engine can smoothly be swapped to a “real time” mode to quickly finish a battle.

Quests Like You Just Won’t Find Anywhere Else

In Gobs and Gods, you should not expect epic quests where you are the only hope to save the world – it is way beyond saving anyway.
And if you are told by a nice and miserable gob that you are the one to help them get rid of the local evil bad guy, don’t fall for it, it’s a scam!
Instead, you would get quests which make sense for a goblin – which is to say, sometimes not so much; but we bet that for once you will actually read the text of the quests.

Levelling Your Gobs and Your God

Your goblins will gain xp when they survive a battle, increasing their strength, unlocking new perks, and enabling you to deal with stronger enemies…
… until you suffer a defeat and lose most of your army. Does this mean you have to reload or restart the game? No! Remember, You are a god, and they are only expandable goblins. When you lose a levelled goblin, you absorb its experience and gain devotion points, which allow you to unlock new powers and to help you quickly recover from a set back.


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