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Get These 2 Great Strategy Games For Less During Summer Sale

Written by Marcello TBL

Old World Strategy Games

Hooded Horse, for those who may not know, is currently one of the top publishers in the strategy games genre. They have an extensive and high-quality catalog, with games like Manor Lords making waves at the moment, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Until July 11, 2024, the entire Hooded Horse catalog is on sale for up to 30% off, with 2 awesome turn-based strategy games for us turn based lovers.

Xenonauts 2

Recently, the 90s XCOM-like game Xenonauts 2 received a new update introducing a new UFO and a new battle armor for the good guys. It’s also on sale for 30% off, making it a nearly irresistible purchase. For those unfamiliar with the title, it’s the second installment of the strategy game inspired by Julian Gollop’s X-COM, where players lead an organization against an alien invasion. We covered it in detail in our preview.

If Sci-Fi settings aren’t your thing and you prefer something more “realistic,” you can opt for Old World. This 4X game is set in the ancient Mediterranean and comes from the mind of Civ 4’s Lead Designer. It brings back the mechanics of the famous Civilization series, with many DLCs offering new ideas and interesting dynamics. The base game is currently 30% off, and all the DLCs are discounted between 10% and 30%. Check out our review here.

Old World Strategy Game

Those are the notable turn-based strategy games, but as I mentioned, the catalog is really extensive. If you want to explore real-time titles, there are, of course, Manor Lords, but also Terra Invicta, Against The Storm, and many others. Don’t forget that the Summer Sale is up until the 11 of June On Steam. Ciao


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