Prevent The Resurrection of The Fallen God in Grand Strategy Kingdom, Dungeon, and Hero – Overview

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Kingdom, dungeon and Hero

Kingdom, Dungeon, and Hero is a strategy game from indie Kraken Studios (WarPlan & WarPlan Pacific), offering a blend of grand strategy, diplomacy, and adventure set in a richly detailed fantasy world. Players are tasked with leading their kingdoms to prosperity, safeguarding their lands, and conquering their enemies.

The overarching goal is to prevent the resurrection of the fallen god Draeul by collecting the elusive Unity Runes and staving off the Corruption Curse that threatens to engulf the realm. This game challenges players to balance military might, economic management, and hero-driven quests to maintain their reign and achieve ultimate victory.

Kingdom, dungeon and Hero

The gameplay unfolds on a hex-based map that gives it a board game feel, enhancing the strategic depth of the experience. Players can control up to 50 kingdoms, managing resources, diplomacy, and armies to outmaneuver their adversaries. Armies can be customized with up to six units, each led by a hero who brings unique abilities and strategic advantages. Heroes are versatile, capable of leading armies, governing cities, embarking on missions, and delving into dungeons in search of gold, magic items, and powerful artifacts that can turn the tide of battle.

Kingdom, Dungeon, and Hero also boasts a robust editor mode, allowing players to generate an infinite number of maps and customize various game elements, from magic items to army types. The game features a main story scenario that drives the narrative forward, along with multiple other scenarios to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

With its planned release on July 1, 2024 on PC, the game promises to be a must-play for fans of strategy and RPG adventure, combining intricate world-building with deep tactical gameplay. Below is an overview of the game via Steam Page, screens, and Trailer.


Lead your kingdoms. protect your lands, conquer your enemies. Stop the fallen god Draeul. Collect the Unity Runes to prevent the Corruption Curse from destroying the realm. Armies keep you in power, Heroes do your bidding and adventure to defeat the horrific creations of the curse.

Kingdom, Dungeon, and Hero is a fantasy strategy and adventure game. Immerse yourself in a realm of horrors, magic, and strategic conquest on a hex-based map with a board game feel. Form armies, expand an economy, negotiate agreements, send heroes off on missions, explore dungeons, find magic items and artifacts to help you win the game.

  • Play on maps with up to 50 kingdoms.
  • Manage resources, diplomacy, armies, and heroes to do your bidding.
  • Build and configure armies and navies of up to 6 units against the enemy. Assign a hero to lead it.
  • Hire heroes to find lead armies, govern cities, go on missions, or explore dungeons for gold, magic items, and artifacts.
  • Research tactics, production, and magic to increase your kingdom’s power.
  • The Editor allows players to generate an infinite number of maps. Create magic items, army types, and change images.
  • The game comes with a main story scenario and multiple other scenarios to play.


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