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Ova Magica: An RPG Inspired By Stardew Valley and Pokemon With Blobs – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Ova Magica Monster Taming RPG

A new RPG will soon join the monster-catching ranks. It’s called Ova Magica, and is an upcoming game blending elements from JRPGs, farming sims, and monster-taming adventures. It will be released in early access on July 23, 2024. Developed by Skinny Frog and ClaudiaTheDev and published by Top Hat Studios, the game offers a charming experience inspired by titles like Stardew Valley and Pokémon.

Ova Magica RPG

Players will care for a farm, train adorable blob creatures, and build relationships in Clover Town. The game promises extensive content, including customizable characters, seasonal events, festivals, crafting, and strategic blob battles.

In its Early Access phase, Ova Magica will feature robust gameplay with regular updates, while the full release will introduce end-game content and additional language support. Players can expect to grow crops, raise and breed unique blobs, participate in town activities, and uncover secrets in mysterious new dimensions. The game will offer a blend of farming and life simulation with a strategic battle system, encouraging players to build bonds with their blobs and town residents.

There’s not much time to wait to play Ova Magica on PC and, soon, also on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, but in the meantime, you can check out the free demo available. Below is an overview of the game via Steam, Screens, and Trailer.


Welcome to Clover Town! Ova Magica combines the best of the JRPG, farming, and monster taming genres with life-sim elements – to bring you a wholesome game inspired by the classics. An ode to some of your favorite games, from Stardew Valley and Slime Rancher, to timeless classics such as Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, Pokémon, Grandia, Jade Cocoon and Azure Dream!

After moving to take care of a farmstead in a quaint little hamlet called Clover Town, you’re introduced to something that changes your life forever: Blobs! Blobs are cute, wobbly, and rotund creatures which hatch from eggs. Treat them with care and they can become your greatest companions! Coming in dozens of varieties (with all of them being cross-breedable!), Blobs can face off against rival blob trainers and help you out around the farm with their unique abilities.

As your relationship with the locals (some of whom you might choose to settle down with!) and town increases, the secrets of Clover Town start to unlock in front of you. And by secrets, we mean hidden temples, dungeons, and portals to exotic dimensions! These new worlds contain strange items and priceless artifacts that hold the key to the town’s – and your own – future. What will you write in the history book of Clover Town?

Main features

Blobs hatch from eggs and it’s up to you to train them! To make your blobs stronger, you need to feed them well and give them lots of love! Pay attention to their favourite foods, and play with them often to deepen your bond!

They come in many colors and shapes, and can be of the Forest, Storm or Magma type. In the world of Ova Magica, people live side by side with these cute creatures, and you can raise them to be strong, loyal friends and sidekicks! To make your blobs stronger, you must feed them well, pet them and use specific skills in battles.

Your blobs can also help you with your farm work. As your blobs become stronger and more skilled, you can ask them to perform certain scheduled tasks for you to increase your productivity! For example, you can ask the turtle blob to take care of a section of your farm to water it every day. But be careful! Don’t overwork them or take advantage of them… and if they get hungry, they won’t work!

You can grow everything from normal crops, berry bushes, and fruit trees, to heart fruit, weird herbs, and mushrooms from other dimensions! From your harvest you can cook high-quality food for your blobs to help them grow healthy and strong. Or alternatively, test your skills as a trader and sell them on the local market in Clover Town!

You can make friends and build relationships with different characters. Talking, battling and gifting increases your friendship and unlocks new events, places and more. There are wonderful stories you can experience! Through conversations, gifts and blob battles you can increase your friendship. This will unlock numerous events and quests that will let you get to know the characters better!

Fight against other trainers and wild blobs. Experience a strategic Active Time Battle system with a little twist! Attacks throw you back to the ATB bar and can even cancel your current action. Think carefully when it’s time to defend, and when to attack. Also be sure to plan to use the right skill type to gain elementary advantages!

To find rare blob eggs, legendary items, and rare crafting materials, you’ll need to go on expeditions into the blob worlds. You can summon portals by placing an item on the altar! These dungeons change every time you enter them! In the end, a strong blob Emperor boss guards the rare eggs. A tough battle awaits you!

Grow stronger and unique blobs! You can crossbreed all blobs!
Create your dream team and become the strongest trainer.

Enjoy many wholesome activities and things to do around Clover Town! You can work on your fishing skills, or catch some bugs. Mine some ore to build a few parts for your juicing machine, or perhaps you’d like to pop by the Blob League to get the latest news on the latest tournaments?

Gather resources to create new items with the workbench and decorate your farm and home! On your adventures you’ll find many blueprints to decorate your farm and home! Some of these will help you to refine or process materials you couldn’t before, like the furnace or juicer, or grow exotic and weird new crops, help your productivity or just let you relax in comfort!


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