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XCOM-Like Tactical Strategy – SOF: Enemy From the Future – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

SOF Enemy From the Future Strategy RPG

I know everyone is eagerly waiting for what now seems like an increasingly unlikely announcement of XCOM 3. However, to be honest, there are a few alternatives to kill time and/or distract ourselves from the future of the Firaxis series. Today, in fact, I’m introducing another strategy RPG that can genuinely be tagged as XCOM-Like.

It’s called SOF: Enemy from the Future, developed by QuadCom Interactive—the same team behind Ram Pressure. Set in a world invaded by an alien threat from a parallel universe, players command a Special Forces squad from the Russian Federation.

SOF: Enemy From The Future

The game combines strategic base management with intense tactical combat missions, challenging players to complete diverse tasks like sabotaging enemy infrastructure and rescuing hostages. Unique skill combinations and a Jagged Alliance-like precision targeting system, allow for varied and dynamic gameplay.

There is a demo version available so you can try the game, while Early Access is expected for August 2024 on PC via Steam. Below, you can find an overview with screens and a Trailer.

About the Game

“SOF: Enemy from the future” is an exhilarating single-player turn-based tactical game that will immerse you in a fantastic adventure defending humanity from mysterious aliens from a parallel universe.

Your squad is deployed to the epicenter of mass disappearances, where unusual atmospheric phenomena and geomagnetic disturbances have been recorded in many places. Battles with enemies await you, each possessing unique abilities and representing a real threat. Your squad’s task will be to uncover the mystery of their origin and objectives.

To unravel the mystery and save humanity from imminent doom, you’ll need to not only confront countless armies of aliens but also uncover the secrets of their advanced civilization. Survival depends on your bravery, tactfulness, and ability to adapt to the horrors of this new reality.

Utilize diverse combinations of skills and weapons for your fighters, employ various tactical maneuvers. And remember: only your correct decisions can save the Motherland and the future of all humanity!

Game Features:

  • Setting: Special Forces of the Russian Federation combating aliens from the future.
  • Execute Tactical Tasks: From destroying enemy infrastructure to rescuing hostages – each mission offers you diverse challenges and tasks.
  • Two-Level Gameplay: Strategic base management and tactical battles in missions.
  • Unique Skill Combinations: Create combinations of skills and specializations for each fighter, forming a tactical team. Medic + sniper or assault + scout – the choice is yours.
  • Precision Shooting Mode: Choose specific body parts of the enemy for precise shots and maximum damage. Your mastery and tactics can change the course of battle.

Join the SOF squad, engage in battle, and become the hero who saves the world from ominous enemies. Your adventure is just beginning – are you ready for the challenge?


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