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X-Piratez X-COM Mod

When X-COM Goes Apocalyptic: A Look at X-Piratez, A Mod Not For The Faint Of Heart

There’s a severe difference between the X-COM games of today and the classic titles from the nineties. But today we’ll be looking at a mod for X-COM: UFO Defense (or UFO Defense: Enemy Unknown if you’...

Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point: Year One – Review

In this game I actually feel being in charge of “humanity defense organization”, making tough choices to survive and not just participating in a Hollywood-like story (as that's how new XCOM feels like...

7.8 Good
Games like X-Com

PC Games like X-Com

Today I want to talk about PC Games like X-Com, the strategic title par excellence. The game that has rewritten all the rules of the genre boasting many attempts at imitation and inspiration. All star...

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