Writing Guidelines

If you are reading this, it’s either because you already joined the TBL Team or you are seriously considering doing so. It is a great honor to us, and we can’t wait to work together. Below, you’ll find some information about our requirements, the type of content we are looking for, guidelines, payments, and, in general, how to start blogging with us.


All writers must have good written English, a lot of passion for videogames, and the ability to meet deadlines and respect any embargoes. NO CHAT GPT S**T

Type of content

Reviews, interviews, previews, lists, and all kinds of other articles, like “Top 10 … “, “Best Games of …”, “Games Like …” etc. This is the common content, but we are always open to suggestions and new ideas. NO CHAT GPT S**T

Guidelines for Reviews

  • We can only accept articles with at least a 1500 words count.
  • The intro of an article must answer this question: “What game are you covering?” and include info about platforms, release date and where you can buy it.
  • Using Headings is essential.
  • At a minimum, you must cover the story, the UI, the game mechanics, graphics & sound, and anything else that deserves mention – by giving a detailed description of each component and your personal opinion.
  • If possible – use screenshots from your gameplay and add captions to these.
  • Screenshots must include the game’s title in their name – something like “Karawan_1”.
  • Any images you use must be resized if they are too heavy or don’t fit the page very well.
  • Don’t forget to add a “Conclusion” of the review with your thought.
  • Do not use the column on the right of the page. (Categories – URL SLUG – TAGS – GENRE etc.)
  • When the review is ready, save it as a draft. Our editor will double-check it, and then we’ll work on technical stuff like meta tags, links, and SEO. For you, however, the job is done.
  • Do not publish the review on other websites – all articles must be exclusive.

TOP 10 Lists

These are probably the kind of articles we love the most and probably our audience too. Below are some requirements:

  • We can only accept articles with at least a 1500 words count. The more, the better.
  • A good Introduction is mandatory.
  • Using Headings is essential.
  • You can suggest any idea you have, and we will decide to give the green light.

Let’s talk about money

TBL is a small project, self-financed, for the most part, with only some income from ads and supporters. Still, we consider it our duty to reward our writers for their hard work!

  • Rates depend on content type, relevance of games to talk about, and writing skills.

You will be paid at the end of each month through PayPal – the only available payment method.

How to start & What games to cover

As the entry ticket, we ask for an article on any game (turn-based, of course) that wasn’t already covered on the blog, or, if you prefer, a list, like “Top 10 … “, “Best Games Of … “, or similar. You can send it to our email at [email protected] or to our Discord – as a Word file.

After that, you’ll get access to the website’s back end, where you can start writing directly. With login details, you’ll also get access to our Discord server and the dedicated writers’ room. There, you’ll find what games need to be covered, and you can request any of them. Or, you can even suggest your own! But don’t forget, NO CHAT GPT S**T.