Tokyo Game Show 2023 poster

Tokyo Game Show 2023 – The Best Turn-Based RPGs Featured


After a six-month break, I’ve returned to TBL. What better way to return than with …


Sacrifice Your Allies and Become a BEAST in This Tactical RPG – Video Gameplay

Marcello TBL

Today, I played the Pre-Alpha build of BEAST, an exciting Tactical RPG recently announced by …

Wildermyth: Stories of the Yondering Lands

Award-Winning RPG Wildermyth Second DLC Announced

Marcello TBL

Worldwalker Games, the creative indie dev behind one of the Top Turn-Based RPG of 2021, …

RPG Archmage Rises

Race Against Rivals in New Sandbox RPG Archmage Rises Update

Marcello TBL

Archmage Rises, the ambitious RPG by indie dev Defiance Game Studio known for its sandbox …

VED Story Driven RPG

Story-Driven RPG VED Shows Itself in a New Trailer

Marcello TBL

We announced VED in 2021, a story-driven RPG that was meant to be released on …

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