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Broken Roads – Review


Broken Roads has been awaited by fans as a post-apocalyptic CRPG in the vein of classic Fallout. Now that it’s ...

Shotgun King

Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate – Review


Like millions of people around the world, I am terrible at chess. Without exaggeration, I don't think I've ever won a single match, against a human or a computer. So, the fact that I can't stop playing PUNKCAKE's fast-paced chess roguelike Shotgun King, truly says a lot. I'm still pretty bad, don't get me wrong. However, with upgrade cards, special abilities, and a freaking shotgun, that's a chess experience I can get behind.

King Arthur Knight's Tale

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – Review


King Arthur: Knight's Tale, the deliciously grimdark continuation of Camelot's legend, has finally arrived. Although missing the original release date by a month, Neocore Games have put the extra time to good use. With all the additional polishing, the result was worth the wait: the final game is a rock-solid tactical RPG.


Spelldrifter – Review


Spelldrifter is the first self-published title from Free-Range Games. After creating a VR meditation app, the folks at Free Range decided to go in the opposite direction and give the world a head-banging sword-and-sorcery adventure. Spelldrifter seems to have flown under a lot of players' radar since its release in February, which is a shame because this game rules.

Miyamoto S

Miyamoto S – Review


Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645) was a renowned Japanese swordsman from the early Edo period. In the West, he is most famous as the author of the Book of Five Rings. However, he was also a talented artist and a devout Buddhist; While his two-sword fighting style earned him widespread recognition, despite his status as a ronin (a wandering warrior, without a lord): He remained undefeated in the 61 duels he fought over the course of his life.


Ozymandias – Steam Next Fest Preview


The name Ozymandias is probably best known in modern culture as a character in the comic Watchmen. That character takes his name from a poem by Percey Shelley, husband of Frankenstein author Mary Shelley. Shelley, in turn, got the name from a Greek translation of Pharaoh Ramesses II's throne name, Usermaatre. If you've taken a high school history class (or played Civilization) you know Ramesses as a powerful, long-lived Pharaoh and the tyrant described in Exodus.

Spirited Thief

Spirited Thief – Next Fest Preview


Stealth games are one of my favorite genres. Sticking to the shadows and making your way through the game unseen is always immensely satisfying, doubly so when seemingly-impenetrable security is finally solved. Naturally, I had to check out Koi Snowman Games' Spirited Thief as part of Steam Next Fest.

Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga

Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga – Next Fest 2022 Preview


Dancing Dragon Games, whose previous titles include a handful of games created in RPG Maker, is taking everything up a step with their upcoming Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga. The game looks and feels like a classic Fire Emblem title, but has a unique twist on the famous grid-based combat system that makes Symphony of War stand out. The demo, available as part of Steam Next Fest, features the first three chapters of the campaign as well as an advanced siege battle to show off some late-game goodness.

Oaken – Next Fest Preview


Now here is a pretty game. Oaken, the hex-based roguelike of battling nature spirits by Laki Studios, has some of the best visuals among all the titles being featured in Steam Next Fest this week. If you're looking for a game to take you away to a fantasy realm, this is a great choice.

Ignited Steel Mecha TbT

Ignited Steel – Steam Next Fest Preview


One of the many titles with demos available as part of Steam's Next Fest event is Yokaicade's Ignited Steel: Mech Tactics. This was always a title to watch, and we listed it as one of our top 20 indie games to look forward to in 2022. With the release date just weeks away and a demo ready to play, I can confidently say that the hype is real.

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