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Remore Infested Kingdom Preview


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REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM is an early access title developed by Black Anchor and published by Webzen’. It is a story-laden, ...

Small Saga Preview

Smal Saga – Preview

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Small Saga poses as a JRPG set in a world where rats and rodents form kingdoms and societies built off ...

Hexarchy Out Now

Hexarchy – Review

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Hexarchy is a 4X deck builder developed by Main Tanks Software and published by Yogscast Games. It positions itself as ...

Remore: Infested Kingdom RPG

10 Turns Interview with Remore: Infested Kingdom Developers

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REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM describes itself as “A challenging turn-based tactical RPG that transports you into a medieval apocalyptic infestation. Your ...

Moonring Main Art

Moonring – Review

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Moonring is developed and published by Fluttermind LLC and is a throwback to the days when Ultima and the likes ...

All Quiet in the Trenches Combat system

Strategy Survival All Quiet in the Trenches – Hands-On

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All Quiet in the Trenches poses itself as a turn-based strategy game and survival game set in the trenches of ...

Interview with

10 Turns Interview with The Thaumaturge Design Director

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The Thaumaturge describes itself as “a story-driven RPG with morally ambiguous choices, taking place in the culturally diverse world of ...