Everything Turn-Based – Weekly RPG News And Releases 13 April 2024

Written by Marcello TBL

Weekly RPG News and Releases


This week featured the Triple I Initiative, an event organized by the developers behind some of the most renowned roguelites ever, including Slay The Spire, Darkest Dungeon, and Risk of Rain. The event was a whirlwind of new announcements and DLCs, all of which you’ll find in this Weekly RPG Recap.

Anyway, last week, the spotlight was definitely on the CRPG set in post-apocalyptic Australia, but let’s not stop there, as there are many other significant news items to cover. Let’s get started.

Tactical RPG Crown Wars New Trailer

Let’s open this Weekly RPG Recap with Crown Wars: The Black Prince. One of my most anticipated tactical turn-based RPGs set in 1356 during the tumultuous period of the French throne’s succession has a freshly released trailer that unveils the game’s rich faction dynamics and strategic depth. This game, being developed by Artefacts Studio and published by NACON, features five rival factions vying for control over France’s crown amidst a backdrop of historical and fantasy elements:

Crown Wars
  1. The Regent Charles of France: Controls the French partisans, holding sway over the majority of the kingdom while King John II is imprisoned in England.
  2. King Edward of England: Focuses on long-range warfare, utilizing longbowmen to assert his claim to the French crown.
  3. The Duchy of Brittany: Known for their heavily armored units, adding a tough defensive playing style to the game.
  4. King Charles of Navarre: Utilizes poison and other devious tactics, reflecting a savage approach to combat.
  5. Castile: Leverages advanced engineering in warfare, focusing on technological superiority to dominate battles.

Additionally, the game introduces a mysterious, malevolent force described as “pure Evil,” skilled in corruption and occult practices, poised to alter the historical narrative’s course dramatically.

Crown Wars: The Black Prince will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S starting 23rd May 2024, with a version for Nintendo Switch slated for release later in the year.

Kemco RPG Glorious Savior is Heading on PC and Consoles

The turn-based RPG Glorious Savior by Exe Create Inc. published by KEMCO, is set to release on PC, PlayStation, Xbox consoles, and Nintendo Switch on April 12. The game, priced at $14.99, revolves around the character Rain, a noble tasked by the king to recover a legendary sword stolen by demons, which sets him on a time-traveling adventure through ancient realms.

The gameplay features dynamic weapon changes, strategic combat enhancements using Aura, and ever-changing dungeons with rare weapons to discover.

Monster Train Devs’ New Game Out Of Early Access

Inkbound has officially launched its 1.0 update titled Rise of the Unbound, introducing a plethora of new content and improvements that deepen the gameplay experience. This major update includes significant additions and overhauls, aimed at enhancing both the mechanics and narrative elements of the game.

Inkbound RPG

Key Features of the 1.0 Update:

  1. New Final Boss: The Unbound
    • Players face The Unbound, a powerful new adversary located deep within the game’s mystical and dangerous inky expanse.
  2. Expanded Quest Lines
    • The update introduces final quest chapters that conclude the Inkbound story, urging players to uncover the fate of the Atheneum and its mysterious inhabitants.
  3. New Gameplay Elements:
    • Vestige Mastery and Lore: Mastering Vestiges now unlocks additional lore, enriching the game’s background and immersion.
    • Challenge Buffs: Villains and Guardians now come with variable buffs that enhance gameplay diversity and strategic depth.
    • New Vestiges and Sets: The update adds 25 new Vestiges, increasing the total to 242 with over 8 trillion possible combinations.
    • New Trinkets: Two new trinkets have been introduced, along with reworks to existing ones to improve clarity and gameplay interaction.
  4. Enhanced Accessibility and Controls:
    • Full controller support has been implemented, compatible with various controllers including Steam Deck, Xbox Series, PlayStation DualSense, and Switch Pro controllers.
    • Keyboard proximity interaction has been added for easier navigation and interaction within the game.
  5. Localization and Voice Overs:
    • The game is now fully voiced in English and localized in Chinese, Japanese, French, and German, making it accessible to a wider audience.
  6. Improved Visuals and Audio:
    • Animated cutscenes have been added to enhance storytelling, with options to skip them.
    • The game’s audio-visual effects have been upgraded to provide a more immersive and engaging experience.
  7. System and Quality of Life Improvements:
    • A major balance rework ensures more challenging and fair gameplay across different stages.
    • Simplified quest and run progression systems aim to reduce RNG dependencies and streamline player experience.
    • New Steam achievements and a refreshed Victory Board with new objectives and cosmetics encourage continued player engagement.
  8. Technical Enhancements:
    • Better support for various monitor aspect ratios and a reorganized UI improve the game’s accessibility and visual presentation.

This extensive update revitalizes Inkbound for its existing fan base and aims to attract new players with its enriched content and polished gameplay mechanics. The game is currently available on Steam, and it includes full support for the Steam Deck.

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo Huge Patch Releases

The latest patch for SpellForce: Conquest of Eo, known for its blend of strategy and role-playing elements, has introduced comprehensive mod support, significantly expanding the creative possibilities available to players. This update, which includes over 80 enhancements and bug fixes, affects both the base game and the Demon Scourge DLC, and is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X.

Key Features of the Latest Patch:

  1. Modding Support Introduced:
    • The patch unlocks modding capabilities for PC users, allowing them to create and share their own content. This includes new items, status effects, and unique unit promotions among other modifications.
    • Players can access the Mod Developer Guide and the Mod User Guide through PDFs located in the game’s installation folder or via the Steam Forum to start creating mods.
  2. Enhancements and Fixes:
    • The update includes over 80 specific enhancements that range from balance adjustments to quality of life improvements, alongside essential bug fixes to enhance gameplay smoothness and stability.
  3. Localization Tools:
    • Tools for creating localized versions of mods have been simplified, making it easier for mod creators to adapt their content for various languages and regions.
  4. Community Engagement:
    • With the introduction of mod support, the developers encourage the community to share their creations on platforms like Nexusmods.com, potentially leading to a continuously evolving game environment driven by player creativity and feedback.

This significant update not only aims to revitalize the game with new user-generated content but also enhances the overall player experience with major improvements to game balance and functionality. SpellForce: Conquest of Eo and its Demon Scourge DLC are available for purchase, with modding now poised to unlock new dimensions of gameplay for the community.

Darkest Dungeon 2 New DLC introduces a new game mode

This news might cheer those who were fond of the first installment but felt a bit let down by the second one as Red Hook Studios is set to revolutionize Darkest Dungeon 2 with a forthcoming free update titled Kingdoms. This update transforms the game into a turn-based strategy experience, remixing elements from both of the Darkest Dungeon games and introducing a new strategic layer to the challenging roguelike structure of the existing game.

Kingdom Update

Key Features of the Kingdoms Update:

  1. New Gameplay Mode – Turn-Based Strategy:
    • Unlike the roguelike dungeon crawls of the main game, Kingdoms will feature a world map connected by biomes and towns, where players manage a network of inns that serve as hubs for their heroes.
  2. Dynamic Hero Management:
    • Players will shuffle heroes between inns using a stagecoach, strategically choosing which heroes to rest and which to venture with, depending on the biome challenges. Heroes who fall in battle are lost forever, adding a layer of strategic depth and permanence.
  3. Enhanced Role of Inns:
    • Inns are not only resting points but are also under constant threat from attacks, requiring players to defend them while also managing their heroes’ health and abilities.
  4. Quests and Boss Fights:
    • The gameplay involves completing quest chains to locate and defeat bosses, similar to objectives in traditional Darkest Dungeon campaigns but reimagined within this new strategic context.
  5. Three New Enemy Factions:
    • The update introduces three enemy factions each with unique bosses: the Coven, the Beastmen, and the Crimson Courtiers from the original Darkest Dungeon.
  6. Hero Skills and Progression:
    • Hero skills can be upgraded via trainers at inns, reflecting a progression system more akin to the first Darkest Dungeon game, focusing on simplicity and accessibility.
  7. Modular Difficulty:
    • Players can face off against any combination of the three factions in their campaign, allowing for customized difficulty and varied gameplay experiences.

This update is particularly notable for being free and aimed at encouraging new players to try the game without the barrier of additional costs. It represents a significant pivot in gameplay style from Darkest Dungeon 2‘s established mechanics, incorporating strategic global management with tactical local battles.

Red Hook Studios also hints at another DLC concurrent with the Kingdoms update, promising new factions and biomes for players seeking a more traditional expansion alongside the strategic remix.

New Turn-Based RPG Inspired by Classic JRPGs Announced

Developer Fennec Studio has officially announced its new project, Runa. Modern and classic Japanese RPGs (JRPGs) heavily inspired this turn-based RPG. The game will begin its Kickstarter campaign on April 16, 2024.

Runa promises to deliver a rich narrative experience set in a science fantasy world where runes—or “runas”—play a crucial role in society as symbols of ancient technological advancement. These runas are essential for both everyday life and combat, with only a select group of people, known as adepts, capable of wielding their full potential.


Game Features Overview:

  • Expansive World Exploration: Players will navigate a vivid, mysterious world filled with sci-fi elements and fantastical landscapes. The game follows a band of adventurers each driven by their own motives, exploring and uncovering the world’s secrets.
  • Strategic Turn-Based Combat: The game features the “Elemental Break System,” a combat system that incorporates ordered turns, elemental affinities, and tactical play. Players can manage a party of up to seven members, with four active in battle that can be swapped at any time without losing a turn.
  • Deep Relationship Dynamics: Runa offers extensive relationship options, including over 15 romance paths which also encompass same-gender relationships. These dynamics are designed to strengthen the player’s connection with the characters.
  • Puzzle Solving and Base Building: The game includes complex elemental puzzles with a variety of skills needed to solve them. Players can also build and enhance their own base in the city of Enyth, which includes multiple building options like a Canteen, Dojo, and Runa Research Center, depending on which characters are recruited and which quests are completed.
  • Additional Features: The game incorporates a dynamic weather system, day and night cycles, a mixed calendar system, detailed dialogue choices, voiced characters, and intricate quests. Minimaps in the game are hand-painted, enhancing the visual experience.

With its Kickstarter launch imminent, Runa is gearing up to be a comprehensive homage to the beloved JRPG genre, incorporating classic gameplay elements with new, innovative features.

Mega Crit Announces Slay the Spire 2 Set for Early Access in 2025

As I said in the intro, developer Mega Crit, during the Triple-I Initiative, has officially announced the upcoming release of Slay the Spire 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed roguelike deck-building game Slay the Spire. Revealed during the Triple-I showcase, the new installment is slated to enter Early Access in 2025, exciting fans with the promise of innovative gameplay and enhanced features.

What to Expect in Slay the Spire 2:

  • Innovative Deckbuilding: New characters will introduce unique sets of cards, mechanics, and personalities, expanding the game’s already rich variety of deck-building strategies. Players will have the opportunity to explore and master new archetypes at their own pace.
  • Dynamic Game Environment: The Spire has evolved significantly in this sequel, offering new challenges with ever-changing rooms and layouts. Each playthrough will unveil new enemies, events, and treasures, providing fresh experiences and requiring new strategies.
  • Enhanced Play Modes: While specific details remain under wraps, Mega Crit has teased new ways to play that will be announced in the future.
  • Completely Redesigned: Slay the Spire 2 has been rebuilt from scratch using a new game engine, aiming to introduce modern features, improved visuals, and greater moddability. Mega Crit has also partnered with the Godot Engine, confirming it as their new engine of choice for developing the game, which suggests significant technical upgrades and potentially broader customizability.

Fans of the original game and new players alike can look forward to ascending the Spire once more, discovering its secrets, and facing its challenges. With its entry into Early Access in 2025, Slay the Spire 2 promises to bring back its predecessor’s compelling, strategic gameplay while pushing the boundaries of the deck-building genre. Follow the game on Steam to stay updated on new developments and announcements.

The Last Spell Expands with New DLC Dwarves of Runenberg Launching In April on PC

Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Ishtar Games are set to expand their Strategy RPG The Last Spell with new downloadable content titled Dwarves of Runenberg. This first DLC for the game will be available on PC via Steam and GOG starting April 24, with details on a PlayStation and Switch release yet to be announced.

The Last Spell New DLC

Key Additions in the Dwarves of Runenberg DLC:

  • New Playable Map: The DLC introduces Runenberg, an ancient Dwarf haven that features dynamic new challenges, including the pesky Harplings and powerful spirits of vanished Dwarves. This map also includes Runestones, which players can use to gain tactical advantages in battles.
  • New Playable Race – Dwarves: Players can now choose Dwarves as their characters, who come with unique abilities:
    • Warcry: Increases ally morale when the Dwarf is injured.
    • Look at My Muscles: Allows Dwarves to sustain more damage.
    • Emergency Tunnel: Provides a quick retreat option, enhancing tactical retreats and attacks.
  • New Weapons and Combat Styles:
    • War Shield: Focuses on defense but allows for powerful counter-attacks.
    • Cannon: Offers high-risk, high-reward explosive damage.
    • Gauntlet: Combines physical attacks with the potential for ranged assaults.
  • New Trinkets and Perks: Over 10 new trinkets will be introduced, each offering unique perks such as:
    • Collateral Damage: Deals damage when attacks miss.
    • Mood Swings: Provides varying bonuses.
    • Earthquake Strike: Stuns adjacent enemies when attacking.

Dwarves of Runenberg promises to enrich The Last Spell with its substantial additions geared towards enhancing replayability and strategic depth. The introduction of a new race, a variety of unique weapons, and innovative gameplay mechanics are set to provide both new and returning players with fresh challenges and more complex strategies.

The Last Spell is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, with the new DLC specifically releasing for PC users this April.

New DLC Announced for Old World

The historical strategy game Old World, known for its deep gameplay mechanics and rich historical context, is set to expand its horizons with newly announced downloadable content. This addition promises to enrich the gaming experience with fresh features and expanded content that builds upon the game’s already robust foundation.

Highlights of the New Old World DLC:

  • Enhanced Story Elements: The DLC aims to deepen the narrative aspect of Old World, introducing new storylines that intertwine with the historical events the game portrays. This includes the addition of legendary figures and pivotal events that influenced the course of history.
  • New Civilizations and Leaders: Players can expect the introduction of additional civilizations and leaders, each bringing unique strategies, units, and cultural bonuses that reflect their historical counterparts’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Advanced Diplomatic Options: To further the complexity and realism of the game, the DLC includes new diplomatic scenarios that allow players to forge and dissolve alliances, manipulate trade agreements, and engage in intricate political maneuvers.
  • Improved Visuals and Audio: With an update to both graphics and sound design, the game will offer a more immersive experience. Enhanced textures, lighting effects, and period-accurate soundtracks are designed to draw players deeper into the historical periods depicted.
  • Additional Game Modes: New modes will challenge seasoned players, including scenarios that replicate famous historical battles and periods that require specific strategies to navigate.

This DLC is not just an expansion but a significant enhancement that will offer both new and veteran players of Old World more ways to engage with the game’s detailed historical universe. With its focus on strategic depth, historical accuracy, and immersive storytelling, the upcoming content will surely be a valuable addition to the game’s legacy. The DLC will be available for download on all platforms where Old World is currently offered.

Strategy RPG Hero’s Hour Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Hero’s Hour, a turn-based strategy RPG, is now available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch. Priced at €17.99, the game integrates complex kingdom-building mechanics with tactical battles, offering a deep, engaging experience suitable for both new players and veteran strategists.

In Hero’s Hour, players manage their kingdoms, explore expansive maps, build cities, and command armies to conquer their adversaries. The release is accompanied by a new trailer and gameplay video, highlighting the features and dynamic action players can expect.

4X Strategy Revival: Recolonization Now Available After Early Access

Revival: Recolonization has officially launched, exiting Early Access and inviting players to reclaim civilization from the clutches of the All-Mind. This game challenges players to rebuild society and manage diplomatic relations or confrontations with a more cunning AI that now attempts to sway tribes, sabotage reputations, and dominate regions.

Revival Recolonization

Key Features of the Full Release:

  • Five Emissaries: Special characters equipped with unique abilities to counter various enemy strategies.
  • Enhanced AI Competitiveness: AI now actively engages in psychological and strategic warfare to deter player progress.
  • Revamped Edict System: More robust and impactful choices that affect gameplay significantly.
  • Updated Random Event System: Ensures player decisions have profound consequences on the game’s world.
  • New Military Units: Introduction of submarines and aircraft carriers to the battlefield.
  • New Automaton Threat: A fresh formidable enemy enters the fray.
  • Expanded Diplomatic Options: More ways to engage with other factions.
  • Realistic Earth Map: Navigate and conquer a map that mirrors the real world.
  • Full French and German Localization: Making the game accessible to more players globally.

Are you prepared to lead humanity’s revival against the formidable All-Mind and pave the way to a prosperous future? The fate of civilization is in your hands.

World War II Strategy Game Released on Steam

Slitherine Software, in collaboration with Starni Games, has launched Headquarters: World War II on Steam. This fast-paced, turn-based strategy game thrusts players into the heart of the Normandy campaign, one of World War II’s most pivotal battles. Players can command forces from the United Kingdom, the United States, or Germany through three plot-driven campaigns, each featuring nine operations.

Game Features:

  • Three Distinct Campaigns: Navigate through the intricacies of the Normandy landings with campaigns for the UK, USA, and Germany.
  • Skirmish Mode: Compete against AI in six varied maps, each requiring quick strategic thinking and adaptability.
  • Map Editor and Random Map Generator: Offers extensive replayability with custom and dynamically created battlefields.
  • Multiplayer for Four: Engage in intense four-player battles, either in real-time or turn-based scenarios via Slitherine’s CombatHQ system.
  • Advanced Tactical Gameplay: Multidimensional armour mechanics and terrain features significantly impact combat strategy, with obstacles providing tactical cover options and elevation affecting line of sight.
  • Unreal Engine 4 Graphics: Experience highly detailed unit and landscape visuals, enhancing the immersive warfare experience with realistic battlefield conditions.

Headquarters: World War II provides not only historical combat scenarios but also incorporates sophisticated tactical elements and stunning visuals to deliver a robust strategic experience for history buffs and strategy gamers alike.

A Sci-Fi Turn-Based Roguelite Adventure Debuts On Steam

Anomaly Collapse, developed by Rocket Punch Games and published by Spiral Up Games, has officially launched on Steam. This strategic turn-based rogue-lite game immerses players in a sci-fi universe where they must lead a team of eight furry heroes through intense tactical battles. Priced at $19.99 USD, with a special 10% launch discount reducing it to $17.99 during its first week, the game promises at least 10 hours of deep, strategic gameplay.

Game Features:

  • Innovative One-Dimensional Battle Grid: Offers a fresh take on turn-based strategy, simplifying movement while emphasizing strategic depth through positioning and maneuverability.
  • Extensive Arsenal for Strategic Depth: Players can discover and utilize over 200 items and skills, tailoring their strategies to each new challenge and keeping gameplay dynamic and engaging.
  • Unique Team of Furry Commanders: Each of the eight commanders has distinct abilities, providing numerous strategic possibilities and team synergies that are crucial for overcoming adversaries and scenarios.
  • Rich Tactical Gameplay: Beyond just battling foes, players will unlock the mysteries and stories woven into the fabric of the Anomaly Collapse universe, enhancing the overall depth and appeal of the game.
  • Multiple Language Support: Available in English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian, making it accessible to a global audience.
  • Community Engagement and Rewards: Spiral Up Games celebrates the release with giveaways, including Steam keys and exclusive merchandise. Participants can engage through their Twitter and other social media platforms.

Anomaly Collapse is ideal for players who enjoy rich narratives, tactical combat, and the charm of uniquely styled characters on the battleground.

Aethermancer Begins Closed Alpha: Sign-Ups Now Open

Moi Rai Games, the creators behind Monster Sanctuary, have announced the closed Alpha for their new game, Aethermancer. This unique title blends monster taming with roguelite elements, set in the enigmatic world of Terastae. Players assume the role of an Aethermancer, capable of bonding with mythical creatures trapped in a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth. The game is currently in development for PC and available on Steam.

Aethermancer RPG

Key Features of Aethermancer:

  • Monster Taming and Roguelite Fusion: Navigate through the Fractured Ruins with a team of three monsters, each battle offering strategic depth and irreversible consequences.
  • Dynamic Combat System: Engage in turn-based battles that require careful thought and planning. Manage the four Aether elements to cast spells while maintaining your monsters’ health to avoid permanent death.
  • Rebirth Mechanic: Utilize fallen monsters’ souls to resurrect them, though they will lose their skills, continuing the cycle of life and death.
  • Procedurally Generated Adventures: Explore varied environments with multiple pathways that change with each playthrough, ensuring every session is unique.
  • Class System: Unlock different player classes, each with unique features that provide various gameplay styles and strategies.
  • Permanent Choices and Continuous Growth: Make impactful decisions on skill selection that depend on monster types, previous choices, and party dynamics. Monsters gain ‘Worthiness’ through rebirths, enhancing their abilities over time.

The developers invite players to help shape the game by joining the closed Alpha, exploring its intricate systems, and providing valuable feedback. For more details, watch the new trailer or visit the Steam page to follow its progress and updates. If you’re interested in becoming an Alpha tester, you can join the raffle in our Discord server until April 17th.

New CRPG Now Available

I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope to be able to do it this weekend. Broken Roads, a new CRPG eagerly anticipated by RPG fans, has officially launched on Steam. Developed over five years by a small, ambitious team, the game has finally reached its release phase, marked by festivities and a limited-time discount.

To celebrate the launch, players can enjoy a 10% discount on the standard edition, with additional savings available for the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes a 68-page artbook and a comprehensive original soundtrack featuring over 50 tracks.

The developers have expressed their gratitude towards the community for its crucial role in refining the game through feedback on bug reports, translation accuracy, quest dynamics, and combat system balance. To learn more about the game you read our review.

And that’s all for this week. Let me know what you think about them by contacting me on Twitter, Discord, and YouTube channel. Tante cose belle. Ciao


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