Solium Infernum Key Art

Solium Infernum – Review


There are a lot of different thrones to fight over in a turn-based game. Armies have been raised to try to ...

Old World Pc Game

Best 10 Turn-Based Strategy Games of the Last Two (And a Bit) Years


If you’re reading this article and visiting this site, then I probably don’t need to tell you how good a ...

Age of Conquest IV Review

Age of Conquest IV – Review


There’s a nostalgia for playing Risk, sitting around the dining room table with some snacks and a drink, rolling dice, ...

Klotzen Panzer Battles

Klotzen! Panzer Battles – Review


Sometimes, history repeats itself.  To historical wargamers, this phrase rings especially true.  That’s not just due to the way that ...

Distant World 2

Distant Worlds 2 – Review


In a dark corner of a hostile galaxy, the primitive tribe of New Hellas have finally mastered spaceflight and begin to slowly edge out of their gravity well to explore the rest of their star-system. Their ancient Republic stands for justice, fairness and law. Their scientists strive to develop a "stable warp field" as their pre-warp ships travel across explored space.

Old World Strategy Game

Old World: Heroes of the Aegean – review


Mohawk Games' excellent strategy Old World arrived on Steam in May - with a bonus for those who got it in the first two weeks: the new "Heroes of the Aegean" DLC, free of charge. In these tricky times, there's not much that's free - but is this DLC worth picking up?

Star Dynasties

Star Dynasties – Review


Picture the scene: It's tense at the royal court as the heir, a rebellious hellraiser barely eighteen, is brought before his father, the duke. A member of the court reads out the list of allegations against the young noble, who's expected to take charge of the ailing kingdom one day. The duke sits and listens in pained silence before ordering the punishment: a sentence of manual labor.

Campaign Series Vietnam

Campaign Series: Vietnam – Review


A long time ago, there was a great series of turn-based strategies. It began with East Front, and then continued through a number of games, built on the original's chassis. They were released during an era when the turn-based style was still popular - even if losing ground to the RTS. As such, the games sold well and spawned many similar works. Eventually these evolved into the famed and venerable John Tiller engine, that you can see, to this day, in the Squad Battles series. Those are definitely still worth a look.

Field Of Glory II Medieval

Field of Glory 2 Medieval – Storm of Arrows Review


Rejoice, fans of Field of Glory 2: Medieval! The trumpets have sounded - and all roads now lead to Paris. The Storm of Arrows DLC brings the battlefield to the green fields of France, allowing players to re-fight the Hundred Years War - albeit in tiny pixel form.

Ardennes Offensive

Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive – Review


There are some battles that are just really well-suited for wargames. Battles like Waterloo, Gettysburg, Hastings or the Normandy landings, despite being from very different time periods, have more than a few things in common. These are an intriguing tactical position, exciting or famous military units, colorful characters and, perhaps, an exotic setting.