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Dwarf Thor – WitchSpring R: Pets Guide

Written by VeryWetLeaf

WitchSpring R, Dwarf Thor, Featured Image

Dwarf Thor is one of two pets that Kanna will ask you to choose from in WitchSpring R. The other being the Backpack Spider which you can get by returning back to Kanna after a while. Dwarf Thor is a decent damage dealer for MAG players that didn’t invest in any STR. This is because this pet converts MAG power into physical damage. It also has the potential to be one of the strongest pets in the game, due to the fact that it can infinitely scale with its Fuselage Improvements

About Dwarf Thor


An early example of Kanna’s magic-powered designs. In combat, it attacks a single enemy with a solid hammer. Its master’s magic is converted into physical attack power of the hammer.

The Dwarf Thor is one of two pets that you can get from Kanna with the other one being Backpack Spider. On the surface, this pet’s purpose seems to be to diversify damage types for MAG players. Its main feature is its ability to convert MAG into physical damage. However, a unique characteristic of this pet that you might not know is the fact that you can further refine it in Matt’s House which will increase its damage output. I personally haven’t reached a ceiling of how much you can refine this pet however, there is an evident diminishing returns the more you refine it. Similar to how refining swords and equipment work.





Ground – Golem (Fuselage Improvement)

Steam Gear


An attack that converts MAG into Physical ATK Power.

Power: 150 + 180% MAG(STR<MAG)

An attack that converts MAG into physical ATK power. Also creates a shockwave that damages enemies in the target’s vicinity.

Power: 300 + 300% MAG(STR<MAG)
Available 2 turns after combat stars
Cooldown after use: 2 turns

[Special Skill]
Stuns an enemy
Effect: 1 turn

WitchSpring R, Matt's house


Dwarf Thor will be one of the pets that you can get as a reward from Kanna in Matt’s House. You can get the other one by returning to Matt’s House and delivering the parts that Kanna will request as a sidequest.

Use Case

This pet may have the potential to be one of the strongest pets in the game, numbers wise but I find its utility quite lacking. For one, the diversity of enemies that’ll have you switch from magic and physical damage is almost non-existent. Most enemies in the game have the same value of physical and magic resistance anyway, so diversifying the damage isn’t really necessary. However, Dwarf Thor’s skill, Giant Hammer adds a stack of stun to the enemy, which is useful if you’re going for a stun comp. Aside from that, if you’re looking for damage, just go with Backpack Spider instead.


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