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Abalon Arena – Gets First Public Demo For The Steam Next Fest

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While awesome turn-based adventures are fun enough in your lonesome. They’re even better when you play them with friends. From D20Studios, the creators of the roguelike adventure “Abalon”, comes a brand new upcoming multiplayer turn-based adventure. Serving as the multiplayer version of Abalon, Abalon Arena lets players enjoy the world of Abalon in PVP, Coop, or even Solo. While the game is still under heavy development, the studio recently released the demo version of the game in participation with the Steam Next Fest.

Abalon Arena’s demo is now available for PC via Steam.

About Abalon Arena Demo

What’s In The Demo

  1. Any player can create or join game rooms on our multiplayer server.
  2. Up to 4 players can play at a time, in 1v1, 2v2, FFA in both PvP and coop against the bots.
  3. Your room “vibe” is your way of signaling the kind of experience you want, whether you’re a beginner looking to play other newbies or a pro looking for competitive matches. Or maybe you just want to try out some custom, player made maps.
  4. Each room generates a unique 5 letter code. Invite your friends to play by sending them this code. Join a friend’s game using the “Join with Code” option.
  5. Up to 40 players can join a game room as a spectator. The game host can swap in/swap out spectators to join the next battle in the lobby screen.
  6. If you want a private, friends-only experience, you can provide a password when creating your game room.

What’s Not In The Demo

Abalon Arena is pretty feature packed for the launch, but I didn’t have a chance to get every feature included. Here’s what not’s not in the demo:

  1. AI 3.0 Engine – Our Next Fest demo is running our 2.0 AI engine – so you’re likely to see some weird AI behavior and maybe some sync errors, too. Rest-assured, MAJOR improvements are coming to the AI engine. In the meantime, let us know what kind of whacky things you see it do by reporting in game -> Menu -> Share Feedback. This will build test cases I can use to improve.
  2. Async Multiplayer – This is a pretty big one that I think will be key to ensuring you can always reach a fellow player, online or off, and is coming soon but not in the demo yet.
  3. Cooperative Ladders – The ladders are Arena’s singleplayer/co-op campaign experience. Effectively, these are chains of fights (i.e. gladiatorial tournaments) in which you battle together, carrying over health and artifacts earned between fights to defeat an ultimate boss. Not in the demo yet, sorry!
  4. Battle Log – This will eventually be a panel on the right side HUD that shows a list of all the actions/cards played.
  5. Ranked PvP
  6. Leaderboards
  7. Achievements
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