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Acolyte of the Altar – Upcoming Roguelike Deckbuilding Card Battler, Release Date

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Inspired by Magic: The Gathering and Shadow of the Colossus(?) comes Acolyte of the Altar. A roguelike deckbuilding game from developer Black Kite Games. In a press release back on January 15th, 2024, the studio announced the release date of their upcoming game. In the game you’ll be “Taking advantage of card synergies and defeat the game’s many Beasts before they become enraged. With over 100 cards available, use your spells and creatures to survive each deadly encounter.”

The game will be releasing for PC via Steam on March 25th, 2024.

About Acolyte of the Altar


Acolyte of the Altar stands out among single-player deck-builders with its rare inclusion of full creature combat and synergies. Summon an army of creatures with their own health and attack stats, capable of interacting with each other and the Beasts in a variety of ways. With its gorgeous art and captivating animations, Acolyte of the Altar offers a strong sense of atmosphere that will surely sink its hooks into deckbuilder fans.

Acolyte of the Altar expands on the genre and comes with a twist: The colossal Beasts become enraged as battles go on and the longer they live, the more powerful they become. With that in mind, you are encouraged to defeat them quickly. Once the Beasts reach their full potential they’re able to consume your creatures, counterattack your spells, and are a greater challenge to take down.

As you progress through each randomly generated battle, you’ll need to balance your mana pool while summoning powerful creatures to chip away at each Beast efficiently. Take down a Beast and offer its body to the Patron to unlock new Gifts that augment your cards or character with powerful benefits.

Variety and strategy are key components to Acolyte of the Altar. Each time you play, you encounter different Beasts, meaning no two runs are the same. Build your deck to adapt to the bosses and learn to bring them down by using the plethora of cards you have at your disposal.


  • Bountiful Cards: Over 100 cards, each with detailed art, offering plenty of variety.
  • Become a Beast Slayer: 20 unique Beasts to defeat, all of which have distinct characteristics.
  • De-limb Your Foes: Damage the Beasts enough to remove their limbs and deprive them of their powers before they become enraged.
  • Challenging Roguelike Gameplay: Survive the onslaught of foes across randomly generated floors while building up your deck.
  • A Plethora of Rewards: Offer Beasts’ body parts to the Patron to unlock new Gifts.
  • A Challenge Awaits: Customizable challenge mode after beating the main game.
Acolyte of the Altar – Press Release




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