AETHERIS: Turn-based Tactical RPG Out Of Early Access

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Aetheris Key Art

Developed by Wild Wits Games, AETHERIS has finally gotten a full release this November 7th, 2023 and is available to play on PC. AETHERIS has you play as four Vazzards that have left their village to open a path for their people and escape the Shade. Make the right choices and find the best strategy to survive in the unforgiving Wilderness with the game’s challenging turn-based battles.

AETHERIS is now available for download on Steam.


AETHERIS is a tactical RPG with turn-based battles that combines roguelite and tabletop elements. Use your tactical skills, explore unforgettable environments and make the right choices to defeat the voracious Shade, and when the challenge becomes too difficult to bear call for backup in multiplayer coop.

In AETHERIS, every journey through the Wilderness is a unique adventure. Whether you brave the path alone or with companions, your decisions, the whims of fate, and the influence of mysterious entities will shape your destiny.


A unique artistic direction

Journey through the seven regions of a hand-crafted and flamboyant Wilderness, each featuring their own atmosphere, soundtrack and storyline, for a truly immersive experience.

strategic turn-based battles

Engage in tactical turn-based battles against wild creatures. Use your skills strategically, exploit enemy weaknesses, and unleash devastating power to emerge victorious. Fight, die and emerge stronger accompanied by the Spirits of those who have fallen.

personality-based skill system

Learn new skills and abilities based on the personality you choose for your Vazzard, allowing for varied and strategic gameplay approaches.

choose your own path

Unpredictable events will spice up your journey, introducing unexpected encounters, opportunities, and dangers. Choose your path wisely, as your choices will profoundly impact the unfolding story.

cooperative multiplayer

Team-up as a party of four companions and face the dangers of the Wilderness for even greater challenges! Cooperate and survive together or tragically die trying.

race against the shade

Time is of the essence as the menacing Shade relentlessly pursues you. Stay one step ahead, adapt your strategies, and race against the encroaching darkness.



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