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Star Deck: Deckbuilding Sci-fi Roguelite Announced

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Star Deck Key Art

Indie Solo Developer Alex Elkman from Psyched Studios has just announced that his passion project, Star Deck, is expected to release in Q2 2025. A demo for PC is now available. A mix of Slay the Spire, Smash Up, and Sci-Fi movies, Star Deck brings a fresh twist to the deckbuilding roguelite genre with the addition of a weapon equip mechanic. The player can equip up to 2 weapons per run, with each weapon having a unique deck of cards to play with. The fun is in discovering what each weapon combination brings you.

Wishlist Star Deck on Steam. You may also support the game’s upcoming Kickstarter.

About Star deck

Star Deck is a love-child of Slay the Spire, Smash Up, and all your childhood Sci-Fi movies! It’s a roguelike deckbuilding sci-fi RPG, set in a galaxy controlled by The Federation, a galactic force that won the Great War, and seized control of the democratically controlled powers before it. It rules with a totalitarian fist, asking for tribute from the citizens of each planet, and offering little in return.

In the game, you’ll play as a galactic smuggler who’s brother was abducted by The Federation. With little to go on, you embark on an adventure to find and rescue him. Using a randomized roguelite gameplay strategy that keeps things different in each play through, you’ll battle your way through 4-6 different levels across the galaxy with varying biomes, ranging from the robot space-islands, to sand-swept deserts, to frozen waste-lands, all the while building up a deck comprised of 2 weapons with unique playstyles!


  • 5-6 weapons to choose from, each unique weapon deck having a minimum of 30 cards.
  • A plethora of non-weapon cards that you can obtain from events, card selection opportunities, and the shop.
  • A variety of RPG-style battle mechanics including vulnerability, attack weakness, counter attacks/moves, shielding, healing, multi-attacks.
  • Vibrant, intriguing world environments and biomes each with their own unique feel.
  • Lots of unique enemies to encounter in each world.
  • Randomized events that can help or hurt you.
  • Artifacts: permanent bonuses that you gain throughout your adventure.



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