Fay’s Factory – An Upcoming Magic Spell Manufacturing Management RPG

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Fay's Factory, Key Art

Well this is new. Never in my life have I ever thought about mixing industrial manufacturing and magic spells together. And in this method too! Made by solo developer Egor Dorogov, Fay’s Factory is an odd but unique management RPG. The game has a planned release date of 2024 for PC but aside from that, no further information is known. Although, you can follow the development through the dev’s X (Twitter) page

The game is planned to release on 2024 on Steam and there’s also a playable demo available for you to try the game out!

About Fay’s Factory

Fay’s Factory is a management RPG where you build a factory that manufacture’s magic and fight duels on your travels across the Hundred Kingdoms. Sorcery has just been invented and is rapidly changing the world. Everyone has lots of ideas on this but yours is the best one yet. Use blunt magical force, find unorthodox solutions, or argue with everyone to the death in hand-crafted dioramas of the changing times. At the end of the day, don’t forget to collect your paycheck.


  • Travel the world of magical industrial revolution.
  • Talk to, argue with and annoy characters.
  • Build your own spell factory from magical departments, each with its own way of sorcery
  • Fight turn-based duels with the hand of elements you’ve been dealt
  • Return to the company town, mingle with the folks, decorate your corporate home and relax between adventures
  • Decide your past, sit on chairs in taverns, drink during conversation, hustle or even unionize
  • Make choices both big and small



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