Iconic 2016 ASCII RPG is coming back in a Reworked Version

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Dungeon Team RPG

Dungeon Team, an iconic browser game from 2016, is returning to the gaming world with a reworked version that will be released on Steam. This game is a mix of an auto-battler, an idle dungeon crawler, and a turn-based tactics RPG, with a touch of MMO. Players will be transported back to 1980, where they can explore dangerous dungeons, fight against powerful monsters, and gather treasures just like when they first played Rogue. The game has retained its classic ASCII art that was popularized during its debut as a browser game, but with new features and game modes, such as new classes and skills, deeper gameplay, and multiplayer options.

Dungeon Team

In Dungeon Team, players can form a team of heroes and choose from 11 different classes. They can then proceed to participate in a PvE idle dungeon crawler, where they can battle monsters and collect treasures. Alternatively, they can engage in live turn-based fights or async auto-battles against other players in the PvP arena, forming teams of 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 heroes. As players progress, they can level up their team of heroes, unlocking 8 mix-and-match skill trees, and equip them with the most powerful gear they can find.

Dungeon Team is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter soon, and players can subscribe to be notified at launch. The game offers various gameplay options, including idle PvP battles, idle PvE fights, and relaxing in the Temple, where players can offer sacrifices to the gods to earn their blessings.

Dungeon Team RPG

The game’s key features include a deep turn-based tactic team builder in ASCII art, classic features of the web browser Dungeon Team updated with new features and game modes, the ability to create teams of 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 heroes while mixing and matching 8 skill trees, and engaging in PvP or PvE battles.

Below an overview of the game via Steam and the announcement Trailer.


Dungeon Team will hit Kickstarter very soon. Subscribe to our campaign so you get notified at launch and join our email list to stay updated about our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign!


Do you want to play Dungeon Team before anybody else and help us shape the game with your feedback? Join our Discord server and see how to join the beta in this channel. You can also register directly here. We won’t be able to accept much more people in this alpha, so… don’t sleep on it!


Prepare to venture into gloomy dungeons and face wave after wave of dreadful enemies – or to test your mettle against other heroes in duels to the death… all in glorious ASCII art!

Dungeon Team is a f2p turn-based tactics team builder where you create a group of heroes, choosing between 11 different classes, and send them to explore dangerous dungeons, battle monsters, and loot treasures and gear in a PvE idle dungeon crawler – or fight other players in live or async battles in the PvP arena.

You can fight in teams of 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 heroes. Glory, riches and, more importantly, bragging rights await the victor! Level your team of heroes up 11 different classes and 8 mix-and-match skill trees , and equip them with the most powerful gear you can get your hands on until they become the most powerful of the entire ASCII realm in 4 different game modes:


The Arena is the place where heroes stab, shoot, maul, and in a nutshell try to kill each other in increasingly gruesome ways to prove their worth. It offers live PvP matches where players have direct control over your team in real-time – like a game of blitz chess. You will be rated and ranked on an ELO system to ensure fair matchmaking. And defeating human enemies will get you better loot and more experience!


The Inn is an auto-battler asynchronous multiplayer game mode where your team of heroes will fight other players’ bands, with both parties controlled by an AI. A more relaxed game mode than the Arena, it’s the perfect way to test your new builds in battles where life is not on the line (although you do get some gear and promotions out of your victories!). Have a pint of ale, warm your feet by the fire and enjoy some nice trash talking in the in-game chat while watching our toons duke it out!


The Caverns is an idle dungeon crawler where your team of heroes explore a procedurally generated dungeon searching for riches and glory (and often finding amusingly gory deaths instead). You’ll fight bigger and meaner enemies the deeper you go, while you look for hidden secrets and checkpoints to save your loot and progress. How deep can you go in the Caverns before being overrun by its foul inhabitants…?


This sacred site has just been found, and its secrets are still to be unveiled. Pray and offer sacrifices to get the blessings of the gods!


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