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Legends of Amberland II – Now Available On PC!

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Legends of Amberlands 2

Silver Lemur Gamesturn-based dungeon crawler Legends of Amberland II: The Song of Trees is now available for PC! The game was released on December 5th, 2023. The console versions are planned to be released sometime around 2024. It has full gamepad and Steam Deck support, and is the first game in the series to feature custom music. The game is currently available on Steam and GOG for $19.99, however there is an introductory 10% discount until December 13th.

Get Legends of Amberland II: The Song of Trees on Steam and GOG.


Legends of Amberland II: The Song of Trees is a classic western RPG inspired by the games from the 90s like Might & Magic, Wizardry, Ultima, the Gold Box series and others. Using the classic first-person perspective, over grid movement, turn-based system to travel in an open world with fast travel options and a quick combat.

You lead a party of 7 adventurers, manually assembled or pre-made, on an epic adventure to fight the evil which lurks in Amberland. It’s light, fairy tale, epic, heroic and slightly humorous. It does not take tons of hours to complete or require an endless grind to progress. Basically, it’s a love letter from the 90s, the golden era of RPGs.


  • First person perspective, 90 degree rotation, over grid movement (like in the 90s).
  • Turn-based (both combat and exploration).
  • Party-based (7 heroes, either predefined or manually assembled upon new game).
  • Fast paced combat, especially blazing fast against much weaker enemies.
  • Quick travel to reduce backtracking.
  • Easy inventory management with separate personal equipment encumbrance system and an infinite magic bag of carrying for items not equipped at the moment.
  • Open world with a big overworld to explore.
  • Quests (including both main storyline quests and side quests).
  • Rich world lore (spanning between all games of the series, but no knowledge of prior games required).



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