Mystical Conquests – Upcoming Hex-Based Strategy Game From Solo Developer, Pierre “Morm” Champon

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Mystical Conquest, Key Art

Mystical Conquests is an indie turn-based strategy RPG. Brought to you by Pierre, a software engineer hailing from France. Joined by the amazing Aleksandr Makarov and RatticusVile. Pierre had a deep passion for video games since their childhood. They started their hobby of game development around 20 years ago. And now, it’s high time for them to show their work to the world.

The game lets you lead a group of survivors in a forsaken world ravaged by evil. Civilizations being wiped out the face of the world. Explore the hex-based lands while expanding your realm, learning new technologies, growing your army, and conquering the world.

Mystical Conquests is available for PC via Steam

About Mystical Conquests


Mystical Conquests is a turn-based strategy RPG in which you lead a group of survivors in a world where the forces of evil are trying to destroy every civilization. Expand your realm, learn new technologies, train your soldiers, fight enemy hordes, and try to save the world!

Explore The World

Explore a wide variety of procedurally generated maps with unique locations, special features and useful treasures. Meet other civilizations that could become your allies or your enemies. But beware of the orcs, beasts, undead or other monsters that are roaming everywhere !

Build An Empire

Found new cities to expand your realm, learn technologies to unlock new structures and classes, construct buildings to acquire resources and use them in a variety of ways. Will you optimize your iron production to build mighty legions or exploit mana crystals to summon powerful magic beings?

Save The World

Manage your defense to survive the non-stop onslaughts of the forces of evil. Raise a powerful army by training units and hiring recruits, and fight the Dark Lord and his minions to save the world.


  • Mystical Conquests couples tactical turn-based gameplay with a strategic layer inspired by 4X games in a procedurally generated open world
  • Expand and improve your city and build new towns. Improve your army by hiring and training soldiers to form powerful squads
  • Learn new buildings and soldier classes with a unique research system inspired by strategy card games
  • Direct soldier squads in fast-paced turn-based tactical battles against a diverse enemy roster. But death is permanent !
  • Each character gains experience through combat, can level up, acquire powerful skills and be promoted to advanced classes
  • Multiple scenarios each with a different boss and their own special mechanics
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