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BOC Birth of Cultures

Discover a world unlike any other in the upcoming 4X strategy game, BOC: Birth of Cultures, developed by Code::Arts. Set over the last 60,000 years of human evolution, players will begin as a nomadic tribe from the Ice Age and progress towards building a powerful civilization. But the game isn’t just about empire-building. It’s a journey through a realistic world that’s based on climate simulations, dynamic environments, and unique terrain.

Boc: Birth of Cultures

With over 491,000 hexagonal tiles, BOC offers a massive map to explore, featuring circles that determine the terrain, sunlight, temperature, and weather in each area. The game’s unique progression system combines cultures and progression in a sandbox-like experience, allowing players to expand their tribe into a mighty empire.

In Birth of Cultures, players control every aspect of their army, not just moving board game pieces around the map. The game’s technology allows for massive battles with no limits, adding to the realism of the world. And with the game’s Discord server, players can join a community of like-minded explorers, discussing strategies and tips.

Boc: Birth of Cultures

BOC: Birth of Cultures is set to launch later this year, and players can wishlist the game on Steam to stay updated on future updates. So, prepare to embark on a journey through a vast and dynamic world where the decisions you make will determine the fate of your civilization. Below an overview of the game via Steam and the reveal teaser video.


BoC is a realistic historical turn-based strategy game. Featuring diverse planets, climate simulation and a non-linear progression over more than 60,000 years of human evolution. Our approach will take players through the ancient world, starting in the Ice Age (60,000 B.C) up until to era of great ancient empires and the fall of the Western Roman Empire.


  • A Vast World to Build; We achieved a global scale in our scenarios, from micro maps 8×8 up to 768×640, which is more than 491.000 hexagonal tiles. this breaks the current world record by three times, bringing a huge expansion world for plays, due to the size of our maps, exploring will be different, we won’t have a fog of war because units’ sight will be limited literally by the Earth’s curvature, yes, our maps have exactly same earth’s curvature!
  • A Dynamic Progression System, akin to some RPG non-linear progression paths. In BOC, unlike other strategy games where the player chooses a particular faction, what we have is a sandbox-like combination of progression and cultures. At the beginning of the game, under your command you will only have a tiny nomadic tribe.
  • Realistic Worlds, from the beginning our effort has been focused on achieving realistic terrain & geography, as well as creating gorgeous landscapes within a 4X context. We have developed our own program shaders to achieve these realistic visuals. The game engine technology for the generation of the world map is based on realistic simulations. The worlds of BOC are divided into circles of latitude like the real world, which will determine the type of terrain, as well as the amount of sunlight, temperature, and weather.
  • Climatic Simulation & Dynamic Environments System; A world that will change progressively as time goes by. These changes in the environment will also make an impact on the terrain. All factors of terrain like height and biome will have a tactical weight. We are working very hard to provide great immersive worlds to play in. The climate and environment simulation are fundamental; your terrain bonus and features are strongly determined by climate and environment simulations.
  • Control Every Aspect of Your Army and Their Movements, one of the things that make our project stand from the crowd is that we have decided to offer a 4X world in which you can actually feel that you have an army, not just mere board game pieces, Our technology provides a large capacity of game entities for limitless, sandbox battles.


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