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Outcast Tales: The First Journey – Embark On The Free Prologue On January 29, 2024

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Demos and prologues have been a great way for new games to get discovered by potential players. And while actual games in a given genre remain competitive, prologues and demos now seem to grow bigger and better. Outcast Tales: The First Journey promises an expanded adventure unrecognizable from a mere demo.

Developed by Hardlane Studio and published by CRITICAL REFLEX, the game serves as a prologue to its main game, Outcast Tales. Spanning the entire first campaign of the main game. Players will also get to experience a ton of in-game content and a selection of heroes. The studio also stated that they will be sharing more information about the game during its launch.

Outcast Tales: The First Journey will be available for free on PC via Steam on January 29th, 2024.

About Outcast Tales: The First Journey


Assemble a squad of characters with robust personalities and abilities, and their relationships unfold. Engage in deep tactical battles, make tough decisions , and choose your own adventures – write an Outcast Tale that’s unique to you!


  • Be tactical (or mash buttons; might work just as well)!
    Robots, mutants, desert raiders: almost all enemies have something up their sleeve. So do your characters: some abilities are most effective in combination with others. Find your opponents’ weaknesses, humiliate them on the battlefield, and never ponder the moral implications of your actions!
  • Use your strengths (if you can find any)!
    Combine class and personality types to give each of your characters a unique set of abilities. A Preacher Mercenary and an Antihero Mercenary will behave quite differently. Create a balanced crew, or just try out the wildest combinations to see how they turn out!
  • Overcome challenges (or mess everything up)!
    Your characters will encounter dozens of unique situations that test their skill and wits. The Pacifist might talk his way out of trouble, the Egghead might try setting up traps, and the Daredevil will most likely just start blasting! In Outcast Tales, there are no wrong answers.
  • Develop relationships (like in a dating game, but not quite)!
    Your characters can develop deep bonds or even fall in love – but can also come to despise each other, all depending on your actions. Your journey can become a wholesome story about newfound friendship, or a gruesome tale of three strangers constantly at each other’s throats. Whatever sounds more fun…
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