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Shardpunk: Verminfall Unleashes Electrifying Rat Pack DLC

Written by Marcello TBL

Shardpunk Verminfall New Trailer

Thrilling news resonates with all Shardpunk: Verminfall fans. The esteemed solo developer, fresh off the triumphant win for Best Gameplay at the Intel Pixel Awards Europe, is set to supercharge the game’s roster with the impending release of the ‘Rat Pack’ DLC. Slated for release next week, this exciting expansion introduces Leah, the Electromancer, and a barrage of formidable new adversaries.

As a heartfelt gesture of gratitude to their committed player base, this DLC will be generously offered as a complimentary download from June 29th for all owners of Shardpunk: Verminfall.

Shardpunk Verminfall RPG
Shardpunk: Verminfall

With Leah, the Electromancer, comes an electrifying new gameplay dimension. Leah boasts distinct abilities such as Blink, which lets her teleport with the speed of lightning; Energy Discharge, a stunning attack that simultaneously damages foes; and Life Drain, a perilous ability that injures enemies while replenishing Leah’s health.

Gamers should brace themselves for the introduction of new threats, including the Stun Lancer and an Elite Squad consisting of grunts, snipers, shotgunners, and more, all set to challenge players’ strategic prowess and survival skills.

This free expansion is a testament to the development team’s appreciation of their ardent players. Moved by the undying support of the Shardpunk: Verminfall community, they’ve decided to provide this DLC at no extra charge. The team would like to sincerely thank their devoted player community for their ceaseless enthusiasm and support.

Mark calendars for an electrifying new adventure in Shardpunk: Verminfall with the Rat Pack DLC launching on June 29th, 2023, available on both Steam and GOG platforms. Below are more details about the DLC and Rat Pack Showcase.

Rat Pack Releases Next Week!

Truly electrifying content incoming!

Hey everyone!

As we mentioned in the past, we are dedicated to release regular updates for Shardpunk and work on additional content.

Since launch, Shardpunk: Verminfall has been accompanied by a free DLC, 

Blood Pack

, which added a layer of gore to the game. It allows you to splatter the rats all over! If you haven’t yet, make sure to check it out!

Shortly after the release we started working on additional features we could introduce to the game as regular updates, but also began work on a 

more substantial addition – such as a DLC.

 That DLC was one that we felt would be something that would come with a reasonable price tag and be available sometime after launch. Player response, reception and feedback shared both on Steam and Discord steered us in a direction of adding a new playable character, as well as a new enemy type and elite variants of already existing units.

Last month we announced 

Rat Pack

 at Tacticon, giving you a glimpse of what’s coming. Now, it’s time for two key pieces of information regarding Rat Pack’s launch.


Rat Pack will be available on June 29, a week from now.

 It is the first DLC to introduce a brand new squad member and new enemies.

Seeing you all excited about the game, sharing your experiences in the reviews, on the forums, and on Discord, led us to a decision to make Rat Pack 

completely FREE for everyone!

Rat Pack Content

New playable character – Leah, the Electromancer.

She’s a truly shocking addition to the Shardpunk roster.

She mastered the power of electricity and wields it to fight off the vermin hordes.

Her abilities include:

  • Shock Trap: Stuns enemies who enter its range
  • Blink: Teleports Leah to a selected tile in range
  • Life Drain: Drains life from enemies, damaging them, and healing Leah
  • Sacrifice: Grants Leah additional AP at the cost of HP
  • Energy Discharge: Damages and stuns multiple enemies around Leah.

New Enemy Type – Stun Lancers

Rat Pack introduces a brand new type of enemy – 

Stun Lancers

, melee enemy units that stuns your squad members when it gets too close. When encountered, it’s best to keep them at a distance… as if being a rat didn’t make them repelling enough.

Elite Variants

Stun Lancers enter the roster of the vermin horde accompanied by

 Elite variants of Grunts, Shotgunners, Machinegunners, and Snipers

. Elite units can appear as a part of a special encounter in map location. They are a bigger challenge, but drop more useful loot.


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