SKALD: Against The Black Priory – Release Window Announced

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SKALD: Against the Black Priory Key Art

Developer High Note Studios AS and publisher Raw Fury have just announced the release window of their upcoming retro-style RPG SKALD: Against the Black Priory for PC. SKALD aims to provide the classic RPG experience while adding modern mechanics and Quality of Life changes. The game offers an engaging dark-fantasy narrative with Lovecraftian themes and rich exploration, with an 8-bit aesthetic.

SKALD: Against the Black Priory will be releasing around Spring of 2024 on Steam and GOG.

about skald: against the black priory

SKALD: Against the Black Priory is an old-school roleplaying game that combines modern design and a fully realised narrative with authentic 8-bit looks and charms.

Delve into a dark fantasy world, full of tragic heroes, violent deaths and Lovecraftian, cosmic horror. Explore an engaging, branching story mixed with rich exploration and crunchy, tactical, turn-based combat that will seem familiar yet innovative to RPG fans, old and new.

Do you have what it takes to lead a company of broken heroes from the tainted shores of Idra to the gates of the Black Priory – and beyond?


    Gather your party of characters in a time of courageous needs, or heroic recklessness, and engage in challenging, turn-based combat. Cleave, blast or stealth your way through engagements and combat. Skald enhances the beloved formula with engaging modern RPG features like auto-resolve, journals and quest logs, modern inventory systems and more!
    Set in an unforgiving world with lovecraftian horrors. Your decisions will take you through a rich, branching narrative – or lead you and your party to dire consequences. Uncover the grand schemes of the Gallian Empire. Live the life of a mercenary or explore the vast expanse of Freymark and the Outer Isles. Experience a richly illustrated world of authentic pixel art using thousands of hand-drawn tiles and images with a palette inspired by the legendary Commodore 64 computer. The game comes an optional CRT filter for that authentic old-school experience.
    Build your main character and recruit the party you need from among a series of diverse characters. Each with their own skill-set, agenda and personality. Choose from a dozen classes and backgrounds as well as heaps of feats, spells and equipment. Take on unimaginable challenges and horrors from your party level 1 to 20.



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