Songs of Silence: A First Look at Chimera Entertainment’s Upcoming Closed Beta

Written by Marcello TBL

Songs of Silence

Chimera Entertainment has proudly unveiled the upcoming Closed Beta of their eagerly awaited, story-rich strategy game, Songs of Silence. Scheduled for launch on August 14th on PC via Steam and consoles, this event presents a rare opportunity to explore the game’s captivating world and intricate gameplay mechanisms.

Songs of Silence

Those interested can sign up here to request access to the Closed Beta, then proceed to join the Discord channel, where they will be given access to a secret channel until the Beta test begins. Detailed information can be found in the provided FAQ.

What to Expect from the Closed Beta

The Songs of Silence Closed Beta will offer participants two engaging modes:

  1. Campaign Mode: They will have the opportunity to play the first two maps of a narrative-driven single-player campaign, following the journey of a young queen seeking refuge for her people.
  2. PvE Mode: They can explore skirmish maps against the AI at their own pace, getting acquainted with the game’s complex mechanics on randomized landscapes.

Three unique biomes will be introduced in the Beta – The Light Side, The Dark World, and the Silence. Each of these offers unique landscapes, factions, armies, and challenges. Players can explore the 1000 Kingdoms faction, utilizing dozens of units to create their armies.

A Glimpse into a Feature-Rich World

For this closed beta, we want players to enjoy our game in a nearly feature-complete state, and we’re really excited for them to finally get their hands on Songs of Silence at gamescom,” Alex Kehr, the Game Director of Songs of Silence at Chimera Entertainment, stated. The enthusiasm for returning to PC strategy development and the promise of incredible art, deep strategy, and gripping narrative has been highlighted, setting high expectations for attendees at Gamescom.

Gamescom 2023: A Hands-On Experience

Songs of Silence will be playable for the first time at Gamescom 2023 in Cologne, Germany. Attendees will be able to go hands-on with the demo and even meet the game’s Creative Director, Alex Kehr, and Lead Designer, Laura Schäfer. The allure of a soundtrack by the legendary composer Hitoshi Sakimoto adds to the anticipation.

Songs Of Silence Game

An In-Depth Look at Songs of Silence

Set in two distinct fantasy worlds under threat from the all-devouring Silence, Songs of Silence stands out with its mix of turn-based kingdom management and intense real-time battles. With more than 100 different units and hundreds of cards representing unique actions, the game promises depth and excitement.

About Chimera Entertainment

With around 80 members, Munich-based Chimera Entertainment has developed over 25 games across various platforms. Known for Angry Birds Epic, they are now focusing on Songs of Silence, a new strategy title for PC and consoles.

This Closed Beta offers a thrilling opportunity to delve into what promises to be a landmark in strategy gaming. Those interested are encouraged to sign up now and stay tuned for more exciting updates.


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