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Spirited Thief: A Tactical Turn-Based Stealth Adventure Launches September 19 on PC

Written by Marcello TBL

Spirited Thief

Get ready to ghost in, plan a heist, and flee with your loot! Koi Snowman Games and publisher Ishtar Games have announced that the highly anticipated tactical turn-based stealth game, Spirited Thief, is set to launch on PC on September 19. Watch the brand-new trailer and prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey of theft and strategy.

A Tale of Two Thieves: Elaj and Trin

The ruthless Thieves Guild is losing patience with Elaj, a luckless thief with a magic streak, and Trin, his unbodied partner-in-crime. After another failed job, the thieving duo must prove themselves by heisting their way through heavily guarded vaults, crypts, castles, and dungeons.

Key Features:

  1. Scout, Loot, Get Out: Scout locations undetected as the spirit Trin, then take control of Elaj to enact your strategies, loot, outsmart enemies, and escape before time runs out.
  2. Choose Your Approach: Will you take it slow and measured, or is a smash-and-grab tactic more your style? Play your way and make your mark as a master thief.
  3. Challenging Environments: Navigate through heavily guarded locations, each with unique challenges and rewards.
  4. Demo Available: Get a taste of the stealthy strategy by playing the demo on Steam today.
Spirited Thief

Wishlist Spirited Thief on Steam

Spirited Thief is set to escape onto PC on September 19, and you can wishlist this stealthy strategy game on Steam right now. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of cunning tactics, thrilling heists, and unforgettable adventures.

About Koi Snowman Games and Ishtar Games

Koi Snowman Games, a one-man studio, has partnered with Ishtar Games, known for popular titles like The Last Spell and Lakeburg Legacies, to bring Spirited Thief to life. Together, they’ve crafted a game that combines the excitement of stealth with the strategic depth of turn-based gameplay.


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