Coldwild Games presents a new gameplay trailer for Stories from the Outbreak, a turn-based zombie RPG. Watch it here.

The trailer shows combat footage and two planned maps along with new backgrounds, characters, and enemies. Stories from the Outbreak is also getting a graphical rework: the whole aesthetics are getting a bit darker, in order to place an accent on apocalyptic themes.

“We have also changed the focus for the first early access version of the game: we really like how the combat is turning out, so the accent is going to be placed on the combat and map events.”

Stories from the Outbreak is a turn-based zombie RPG. Lead a group of survivors from the doomed city of Riga towards the ferry sailing across the North Sea.

Stories from the Outbreak is a story generator first and foremost. Not all people are going to survive. Not every team is going to make it. This is how it is intended to be.