The Thaumaturge – Delayed Once More, Now With A March 2024 Release Window

Written by VeryWetLeaf

The Thaumaturge, Key Art

Delays in game development are always a double edged sword. Developers want to release a game that’s as polished as possible but you also can’t keep your fans waiting. Fool’s Theory’s “The Thaumaturge” was originally set to release last year December 5th. It was then moved to two months later for February 20th. Now, the game’s release is yet again being pushed back now looking into launching next March.

With some additional delays, The Thaumaturge will now be releasing next month on March 4th, 2024 on Steam, GOG, and Epic.

About The Thaumaturge


The Thaumaturge is a story-driven RPG with morally ambiguous choices, taking place in the culturally diverse world of early 20th century Warsaw. In this world, salutors exist: esoteric beings that only thaumaturges can truly perceive and use for their needs.


  • Shape your story – as a full-fledged RPG, it allows you to alternate your choices and make you deal with the aftermath.
  • Develop your character – creating your own version of the thaumaturge will allow you to approach situations in different ways.
  • Experience unique turn-based combat and defeat your foes using human attacks and skills as well as psychic strikes delivered by salutors.
  • Influence and manipulate the temperaments of other characters to bend their will to your liking.
  • Tame the power of salutors – use the unique set of their skills to gain an advantage while exploring the world and when bringing your adversaries to their knees.
  • See the world that’s inevitably gone – explore the uncommon, heavily researched historic period of the early XX century Warsaw, where crime and luxury are often two sides of the same coin. Meet historical figures and learn about their involvement in the story.
  • Created in Unreal Engine 5 to deliver a detailed & beautifully crafted world.
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