Timeline – Ready to land on Steam

Written by Marcello TBL


One-man indie studio, Taueon, is glad to announce the release of its Turn-Based 4x Strategy Game where you can play through the human history from stone age to modern times. In the game, you command a wide range of units, make them collect resources and build buildings, towns and cities, explore the map and meet other players controlled by AI. Timeline is a PC game ready to hit Steam on the 22nd of April 2022.

timeline 4x Game

Key Features

  • Real Earth map or a map that is generated randomly.
  • Technology tree with over hundred technologies.
  • Resource system. You can collect resources from the terrain or produce them in your buildings. You need resources to learn new technologies but also to build and upkeep new units and buildings.
  • Global market that lets you sell resources you don’t need and buy what you are missing.
  • Diplomacy with AI-controlled civilizations.
  • Combat system that is affected by terrain, generals, unit type and other variables.


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