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Wartales DLC: Pirates of Belerion Release Date And Teaser

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Wartales DLC Key Art

The open world sandbox RPG developed by Shiro Games takes to the high seas with the new Wartales DLC: Pirates of Belerion. The DLC will be releasing first for PC on December 14th, 2023 and for Nintendo Switch and Xbox in 2024. Featuring an entirely new region to explore, new storylines, new factions, and a new gameplay feature. Become the greatest Sea Lord by rising up the ranks in the new leaderboard through conquest and plunder. This maritime themed DLC offers at least 25 hours of seafaring fun!

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about wartales: pirates of belerion

Since the collapse of the old kingdom of Belerion, the archipelago seemed to have been abandoned. Its population of mostly fishermen quickly turned to piracy, merchants deserted its waters, nothing seemed able to halt the decay of these lands… until the arrival of the Ihrian peoples.

Embark on over +25 hours of new adventures and explore Belerion, a new hostile region far larger than any other part of the continent. Discover a land unlike anything you’ve seen with the first expansion to the world of Wartales! Unravel the secrets of the region’s storyline, discover new factions and master the new way to travel: navigation.

Wartales DLC Features

the belerion archipelago

Despite its apparent tranquility and sun-drenched islands, many sailors refuse to venture into the Belerion archipelago. It is true that there is no shortage of perils for anyone who dares to sail between the islands. Its coasts are lined with sharp reefs and its treacherous winds lose the unwary. Scaly beasts roam its beaches, and pirates pillage and sink anything that has the misfortune to cross their path.

conquer the seas

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey through the expansive realm of Belerion, where navigation and exploration take center stage in the thrill of seafaring. Uncover the secrets of wind mastery as you navigate the vast expanse, dock your ship, and explore the islands of the Belerion archipelago.

Craft and upgrade components for your ship, from the shape of your sails to the mighty ballista, ensuring that your vessel is not just a means of travel but a formidable force on the open waters.

ascension of the sea lord

Dominate the perilous waters as you face Guards, lawless pirates, and everything in between. Challenge rivals to duels, a distinctive gameplay feature exclusive to Belerion’s maritime conflicts.

Rise through the ranks of the Sea Lords leaderboard by conquering foes, boarding ships, and plundering treasures. With a dynamic battlefield, encounters with new factions, Belerion offers an immersive combat experience where every clash propels you closer to maritime greatness.

wartales dlc screenshots


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