Wartales: Open World Sandbox RPG Is Now Available On XBOX

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Wartales Xbox Launch

In the era of spiritual successors and remakes, standing out as a video game with a fresh take can be a challenge. But Wartales actually pulled it off. After it’s massive success during its launch, the developers decided that the game shouldn’t be confined inside the PC ecosystem. So back in September 14th, the game was also released for the Nintendo Switch. And finally, Shiro Games had graced XBOX players with their unique open world sandbox RPG.

Wartales is available now on Steam, GOG, Nintendo Switch, and XBOX.

About Wartales

From the talented indie studio Shiro Games comes Wartales. A strategic and tactical mercenary sim rpg, set in a medieval world that’s both raw and realistic. While the game features a few scattered fantasy elements, it primarily focuses on delivering a true-to-life experience for players. At its core, Wartales offers real-time exploration and grid-based combat as the foundation of its gameplay.


Fight, Survive, And Live to Tell The Tales

A century has passed since the fall of the Edoran Empire at the hands of an unprecedented plague. Now, the land is rife with mercenary work, banditry and thievery. Honor has become an almost entirely forgotten virtue.

Prepare to lead a group of unscrupulous characters in a massive open world where combat. Death and a thirst for riches will dictate your day to day life. You are not the hero of this story, destined to usher in a new era of peace. Your goal is solely to survive and thrive in this harsh and hostile world, by any means necessary…

Develop Your Group Of Mercenaries

Lead a group of mercenaries on a dangerous quest for riches and recognition in a medieval world ravaged by destitution and greed. Recruit new companions with numerous unique specializations, skill sets, weapon preferences and personalities.

Customize your group’s skills, equipment, and appearance with an intuitive RPG progression and crafting system. Develope your camp with luxuries, tools, and equipment to help your team endure from the hardships each day brings.

Explore A Vibrant And Mysterious World

Journey through a vast, open world in your quest for notoriety, wealth, and recognition, immersing yourself in lively villages and remnants of a bygone era. Explore abandoned mines, tombs, and camps as you piece together the history of this harsh world.

Prosper And Write Your Story

Collect bounties and take on contracts. From protecting the innocent from petty thieves to defeating the land’s most notorious figures, there’s no such thing as a profit too small to take.

Overcome your foes with a tactical turn-based combat system that rewards careful planning and strategic thinking, selecting the best combination of characters, equipment, and tactics to succeed in each unique battle.

4-Player Cooperative

Traverse the vast open world of Wartales as a band of up to 4 players, planning tactics and devising a strategy before confronting some of the many hostile inhabitants that roam these mysterious lands and defeating them as a team.

Share money, loot, resources, and end the day with a delicious meal around a roaring campfire with your loyal companions, building camaraderie and forging unbreakable bonds that will help you overcome any obstacle.



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