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Guide a Criminal Gang And Take The City In All In The Game: Crime Strategy – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

All In The Game: Crime Strategy Videogame

Many might not remember a 90s strategy game called Chaos Overlords, where players had to lead a criminal organization by hiring mercenaries to conquer territories and become the city’s leaders. Well, the game I’m introducing to you today immediately reminded me of the mechanics of that title.

All In The Game: Crime Strategy

The game in question is called ALL IN THE GAME: Crime Strategy, and even if the graphic style is completely different, the mechanics seem quite similar as it is a turn-based strategy game that immerses players in the gritty underworld of crime. Developed and published by Strangelet Games, this strategy game tasks players with managing and expanding a small street gang into a dominant criminal empire.

Players engage in various illicit activities such as robberies and black market deals to earn money, which can be laundered through investments in semi-legitimate businesses. The game emphasizes strategic decision-making, with players choosing between different paths, such as cooperating with authorities or becoming infamous outlaws.

The game’s mechanics include recruiting different types of criminals, engaging in turf wars, and expanding territories. Multiplayer modes support both online and hot-seat play for up to eight players, making it a competitive and fast-paced experience. ALL IN THE GAME is available in early access on PC via Steam, with plans for additional features and content. Below is an overview of the game, screens, and a gameplay overview video.



ALL IN THE GAME is a turn-based strategy and management game where you start off with a small criminal gang to become the dominant criminal empire controlling the entire city. Claim your very own street corner, start expanding your territories, become rich through illegal means and launder your money by investing into (more or less) legit businesses.

But remember – the streets have fierce competition and other gangs will try to beat you to it – to make sure they know their place, send out your gangsters to teach them a painful lesson, robbing them of their hard-earned cash or burning down their buildings!


  • Three breeds of criminals – Recruit fierce Soldiers, money-smart Middlemen and tech-savvy Experts to do your bidding.
  • Choose your path – Do you want to become the most infamous street gang in the city or stay under the radar? Are you in it for the money or the respect? Will you cooperate with the authorities or rise against them? The choice is up to you!
  • Gang warfare – If other players get cocky, pay them a visit with a baseball bat or get some real firepower from the black market.
  • Claim the corners – A crime gang is nothing without a turf of their own – use your gang members capture territory that earns you cash through protection money.
  • Expand – Invest the ill-gotten gains from robberies and drug trade to buildings, then fill them with drug labs, smuggling rings and other criminal enterprises.
  • Beat the system – Can’t hide all that blood money between the couch cushions? No problem – launder your dirty cash by investing it on legit businesses and the authorities will be none the wiser!
  • Lightning-fast multiplayer – ALL IN THE GAME features both online and hot-seat multiplayer for up to 8 players. Have a chill game with your friends or use the turn timer to ensure that the flow of the game doesn’t get interrupted.


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