Classic Games You Should Try

Written by smoothie

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The gaming industry is developing literally every day and projects that were once extremely popular are becoming a thing of the past, becoming classics, or simply being forgotten by players against the backdrop of new games and developments.

Games that have become classics are projects that are still relevant today and are presented either in the form of a remaster or reboot, or are still played in the original format.

Here is a list of projects that you should try for yourself.

World of Warcraft Classic

Once upon a time, WoW was a full-fledged hardcore project that attracted many players due to the confrontation between other factions and the constant pace of development, which was stimulated by the regular release of updates. Gradually, Blizzard changed their approach and began to simplify the gameplay in favor of speed and entertainment, which led to an outflow of players who loved the game for its mining and long gameplay.

To bring back such gamers, the developers from Blizzard decided to restart the project and start releasing the most popular add-ons again, adjusting the graphics and using the most successful solutions in visual design and interface for your game.

So, starting to play the classic version, you will encounter the Cataclysm update, which will introduce new lands and expansion of territories after the Lich King.

You will find long gameplay and long and gradual character development through quests and hunting, and if you are not ready to devote a long time to the project, then you need to look towards the main version, or choose help from Skycoach services.

This is a format in which professional players help you with leveling up, gold, completing raids, or teach you game aspects with guarantees and compliance with all conditions of anonymity.

You may especially like the profession system, which will allow you to explore locations for useful resources and transform them into useful items and types of weapons for yourself, or for sale to other players, and all fans of collecting and destroying monsters can devote themselves exclusively to this content and get results in the form of a large number gold WoW Cataclysm.

GTA series

Many players of any age went through the story campaign and even played the online format of the last, fifth part, but a generation of gamers grew up who could have missed the older, but no less interesting versions that became classics. It will be interesting to go through all of them also because the developers intertwine many small details and major events with each other and you can always find interesting and funny references that will simply be incomprehensible to those who have not played previous versions.

Vice City

This is a story-driven company about drug dealers in Miami, who were inspired by the filming of gangster films that were popular at the time.

You will play as the character Tommy, who will be easily mentioned in the following parts, and his lawyer Kent will appear in GTA San Andrés.

This part has become popular, including thanks to radio stations with popular music and mechanics of redemption and business development, which are given less attention in subsequent versions.

GTA San Andreas

Without exaggeration, this is the most iconic and popular GTA of its time before the release of part 5.

You will play as Carl Johnson and face gang life and betrayal, you will be able to explore three large cities at once, seize territories and upgrade your weapons.

You can develop your character by changing his appearance, clothes, haircut, pumping him up in the gym and even study various martial arts.

You will be able to master driving and flying school, visit a military base and find something to do in every city.

You can even complete tasks for school, where you need to bring certain types of cars for transportation and get extra money for this.

As part of the plot, you will see the hero from the third part of GTA and even meet his girlfriend, who leaves him during the robbery, which is why he ends up in prison.

You will see some characters from Vice City.


This is the first format of a full-fledged city and the transition to updated graphics and new shooting mechanics.

The game will have an internal Internet for various purchases, including a dating site and the ability to buy real estate and cars.

Players from the eastern regions of Europe will see a lot of interesting and familiar flavor in the form of clothes and conversations, radio and life on Brighton Beach.


This is part of GTA, which is also becoming a classic, because it is considered one of the most popular and best-selling games in the entire gaming industry and 10 years have passed since its release and while players are waiting for the new sixth part, they can always go through an interesting storyline once again, or fully devote yourself to the online version for developing your character, buying a business and real estate, completing missions and participating in robberies, where you need to go through the preparation stage, collect all the necessary equipment and carry out the raid itself, and then divide all the loot among the participants.

Tomb Raider

If you are one of the players who caught Lara Croft at the stage of console games, then you may also like the updated versions that are associated with survival and mysticism, which will allow you to hunt for dangerous artifacts and fight against bandits while solving puzzles and getting caught in different situations with Lara.

At the moment, several versions have already been released that allow you to get to a desert island, or survive in cold ruins, or in the wild jungle.

You will have access to a different format of gameplay along with acrobatics, or stealth, or vice versa, full-fledged battles and storming the enemy and shooting him with a bow and with weapons.

Battlefield 1942

Once upon a time, the Battlefield 42 servers were crowded with players and were interesting due to historical maps and confrontations within the Second World War.

Graphically, the project is outdated, but the mechanics of class selection and the struggle to capture territories were very interesting at that time and even now it is interesting to play.