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Games that you would be interested in playing with friends

Written by smoothie

Videogames To Play

The gaming industry is overflowing with various projects for playing alone and getting a full range of emotions, but sometimes you just want to play with friends and get emotions from shared gameplay.

The format and selection of games depends largely on the number of participants, because with two or four people everything will be completely different and for most online projects, the more players spend time together, the better.

You can choose between MMOs and session projects, depending on your availability and wishes.

World of Warcraft

This is one of the most famous and popular MMO RPGs, which is known primarily for the history of the confrontation between two factions – the Horde and the Alliance, which are irreconcilable with each other and do not have the opportunity to choose the other side for this account, take this into account when creating a character and choosing a faction, because You just can’t play together.

You will have many variations and mechanics for playing with friends – from quests and grinding, raids and PVP to earning WoW gold and fair distribution of resources to strengthen all group members.

Firstly – raids. This is a system in which the group is sent into a dangerous dungeon, in which a boss dominates and destroying him will yield random items that will be distributed randomly.

If you play with friends, then you have a great opportunity to immediately start the mechanics of raids, which will bring a lot of good equipment and weapons that will immediately fall into the right hands and strengthen you, or bring gold World of Warcraft for selling them.

The second point is PVP. In WoW, enemies will be waiting for you – representatives of enemy factions who will fight with you at any convenient occasion, but given that you are playing as part of a group, it will be easier for you to resist them, since most of them are pumped up and travel unorganized, and you will have advantage over them.

By killing representatives of enemy factions, you will not receive WoW gold, but you will be able to earn coins that have value and highlight your valor.

They can be exchanged for enhanced equipment and weapons, which are aimed at battles against other players, which will greatly help you if, together with your friends, you choose this particular vector of the game.


If you like to shoot and perform tactical actions, and your group does not exceed 4 people, then PUBG is ideal for you.

This is a session shooter in which one player or a group of players is dropped into a dangerous territory where you need to survive and destroy all opponents.

The complexity and interest lies in the fact that a total of 100 people will meet on the map, over a vast territory, and all participants in the match will choose the landing site.

Everyone will start the match empty-handed, and they just have to find a weapon, body armor, helmet, backpack, ammunition, sights and other accessories, medicines and stimulants.

It is important to understand that there are all enemies around, and you can die at any moment if you act carelessly and do not cover each other, but you can play differently.

For example, immediately landing in a big city with a high probability of finding a fight there, or a quick death, however, many players do this for the sake of adrenaline and solving a simple problem – or immediately eliminate many enemies and get coins even if you die and do not finish top 1 in the match, or quickly die and go to the next match without spending much time searching for weapons and destroying competitors.

Please note that depending on your group, your opponents will act in a similar composition.

CS 2

If you are playing together, then you can have a great time in CS 2 by playing partner mode.

This is a matchmaking format for two players on each side on a smaller map, where there is only one point to plant a bomb and three directions to get to it.

Weapons and armor are purchased at the same level as in MM matches, but a reduced number of rounds are played.

Now there is no rank format in CS, as there was in CS GO. Each player receives an individual rank on a specific map and loses or increases this very rating.

An interesting format to practice holding, or entering sites, spreads and paired actions in a match.

If you are played by more players, then you should try a sweep format, or a full-fledged ranked match.

Sweep is a format in which you do not need to buy weapons, but rather choose one of the available equipment cards.

Three terrorists play against four special forces – the bomb is planted immediately and the attack has only 40 seconds to knock it out.

This is a great and fast mode to have fun, try new mechanics and practice holding or knocking out a bombsite.

In the updated matchmaking, you will ban and pick cards, which will bring your experience closer to the level of a full-fledged professional eSports match.

The number of rounds was reduced because the format changed long ago and a system of force rounds came in, which changed the economy, and they decided to remove the extra 3 rounds in favor of dynamics.

Now you need to win 13 rounds instead of 16 to win.

For winning, you will also receive an individual rating instead of the old rank format.

We came to this idea after experienced players with good ranks found themselves on a new map and played disgustingly. Now this will not happen, and if a player is good on the Mirage map, but bad on Nuke, then in the first case and in the second they will be matched with appropriate opponents in order to be able to progress, starting from the current level.

The developers from Valve have not yet introduced a full-fledged workshop for the project, as was the case in CS GO, to activate online AIM cards with different genres and scenarios for fun gameplay with friends, but over time the situation is likely to change. 

For now, all you have to do is play full-fledged online formats, or 2×2.