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On The Radar – Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Games of January 2022

And, talking about future, we can safely say that this month even if traditionally rather "weak", this time seems to offer many promising games like the amazing Expeditions: Rome, Lost Scavenger and o...

Alder Forge

Alder Forge

Play as the Five Members of the Fourth Squadron and shape your own path in a handcrafted world, with unique characters and battle your foes using the game Adaptive Turn-Based Combat System.

Upcoming Turn-Based RPGs 2021-2022 KAEOI24

Bright RPGs & Strategy Games | KAEOI#24

Ciao a tutti. Finally, I managed to find some time to set up the new Keep An Eye On It. Unfortunately in this period I am very busy with work and some house construction and the situation will change ...