Small Saga Preview

Smal Saga – Preview

Rex PaperPrototypesPodcast

Small Saga poses as a JRPG set in a world where rats and rodents form kingdoms and societies built off ...

Back to the Dawn

Back to the Dawn Is An Enormous Prison Life RPG – Preview Impressions


While we have undoubtedly seen games that are set in prison, there is no denying that the theme only has ...

Beast Key Art

Unleash the Inner Demon in Tactics RPG BEAST – Preview


In a grimdark medieval world torn by plague and military conflicts, you decide if you should exercise or exorcise your ...

Silence of the Siren Title

Unveiling Silence of the Siren: A Strategic Journey Begins


If you are a fan of the classic Heroes of Might and Magic games, you are going to want to ...

Xenonauts 2 – Preview


If you are a fan of the classic X-COM games, then you probably already have your eye on this one. ...

The Iron Oath

The Iron Oath – Preview

Damiano Gerli

Curious Panda, previously a mobile exclusive developer, have taken a new turn in their work. Their latest project - The Iron Oath, is a PC game. Published by Humble Games, the project truly feels like a work of passion, perfected for years. In this turn-based tactical RPG, the player will lead a mercenary band in their adventures across the realm of Caelum. Fighting battles and completing missions - will they be able to survive and prosper by their bloody craft?

TemTem Gameplay

TemTem – Preview

Luis Sanchez

The fantastic world created by Crema (a Spanish video game developer studio) has been gaining ground in the industry and ...

Warhammer 40.000 Battlesector

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector – Preview


In the grim future, there is only war.  Of course, the nature of this war is pretty varied, whether it ...

Shores Unknow

Shores Unknown – Preview


Shores Unknown is a turn-based RPG currently in development by Vallynne and published by Hitcents. I played an early access ...

Solasta Featured



First, sorry for the delay. I am aware that this title is on the radar of several TBL followers. I ...

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