Top Sci-fi RPGs With Turn Based Combat

Harry Ted Sprinks

The genre of role-playing games is a saturated market, having existed in video game format for decades, and having roots ...

The Protagonist Ex 1 Featured Image

THE PROTAGONIST: EX-1 – Early Access Preview


From the Canadian 3MindGames studio comes the protagonist: A sci-fi turn-based tactical RPG. You play Angel, who wakes up in ...

Haven Review Header

HAVEN – Review


From the Game Bakers study comes Haven, a non-typical turn-based RPG. You play as an exiled couple (Yu & Kay) in ...

Void Eclipse

Void Eclipse – Overview

Marcello TBL

Void Eclipse is a new blend of tactical card battler and immersive sci-fi story RPG. You’ll be challenged by turn-based ...

Deep Sky Derelicts

Deep Sky Derelicts – Review


Deep Sky Derelicts is a rogue-like set in the far, dystopian future when only a fraction of humanity living a lush life ...