Void Eclipse – Overview

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Void Eclipse

Void Eclipse is a new blend of tactical card battler and immersive sci-fi story RPG. You’ll be challenged by turn-based strategic combat, where you choose how to evolve your character and military with interesting abilities.

Void Eclipse

In-game Background Story

You take on the role of an android newly awoken with an unknown past. Search unique planets and star systems to discover your origins, while saving the Varegon alien empire faced with a mysterious threat in the Solehr hive.

Gameplay info

At its core, the gameplay is a turn-based card battler. You’ll utilize unique characters that acquire new abilities that you choose based on experience gained in battles. Between battles you explore the galaxy with your military, conquering each unique planet and gaining strategic resources you need to replenish and upgrade your fleets.

Each character has 10 abilities with over a dozen hand-drawn characters to choose from!

Void Eclipse

Key features

Some of the exciting features you can expect to see in the final game:

  • Navigate star systems and planets with your fleets.
  • Characters represented as cards in battle for tactical turn-based combat
  • Single-player story campaign
  • Strategic resource management
  • 1v1 multiplayer matches
Void Eclipse

About developer

Tau Ceti Studios is a small studio created by (Jesse) and his brother Riley. As the primary full-time member of the team, Jesse is responsible for game design, programming, 3D modeling, special effects, and storytelling. while his brother Riley has created the card illustrations and led the art direction for the game.

You can learn more about Void Eclipse at http://www.voideclipse.com.
Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/taucetistudios

Release date & platform

Tau Ceti Studios plan to release the game for PC in May 2020. They are currently launching a Kickstarter on October 28th. Sign up to be notified at launch: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/taucetistudios/voideclipse


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