We are approaching the end of the year and therefore we are starting to prepare this list for the most promising turn-based titles coming out for 2020. In the list, we include strategic, tactical, RPG as long as there is the turn-based component.

The titles in the list are in random order and include triple-A games and indie projects that have at least 2020 or TBA as the release date. As with all our lists, they will always be updated with new upcoming turn-based games. Just under the title, you can see the last update date.

For each game, you will find the developer’s name, release date, reference sites (official website, stores) video trailers taken from our YouTube channel (by clicking on the game image), description, and links to related articles.

If you want to help us keep the list updated or if you are a developer and you think your game should be on this list, just leave a comment or contact us via email or twitter. So, let’s start with our upcoming turn-based strategy RPG of 2020

1The Iron Oath

The Iron Oath

Curious Panda Games | TBD | Official Website | Steam Page

One of the titles that we most await. We follow him from the beginning and we can’t wait to try it. Delightful 2d pixel graphics and lots of original ideas. THE IRON OATH is a turn-based game set in a dark fantasy world where the main component is the tactics and management of the guild in a dynamic world that varies according to our choices. Learn more

2Empire of Sin

Empire of Sin

Romero Games Ltd | Spring 2020 | Official website | Steam page

A strategic one. We play as one of the various Bosses available and launch ourselves to conquer the city of Chicago in the 1920s. Here is the official website. Learn more


Warborn Pc

Raredrops Games | Spring 2020 | Official website | Steam Page

A title reminiscent of Advance Wars but with giant mechs. Choose from different commanders, each with their own unique. Variable Armor, abilities and play style. Tactically place your units, clash with rival mecha, and watch the outcome in dramatic battle sequences inspired by 90s Japanese animation. Learn more

4Phantom Brigade

Phantom Brigade

Brace Yourself Games | TBD | Official Website | Steam page

Actually not a strategic turn-based but a mix of turns and real-time. We are really curious to see how everything works.

5Grand Guilds

Grand Guilds

Drix Studios | January 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Remember so much Final Fantasy Tactics from which it takes inspiration but with the addition of card mechanics. Follow the adventures of Eliza and her crew as they struggle to prevent an impending war. Learn more



Ink Stains Games | Feb 6 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Postponed several times, we finally have the definitive date for this highly promising roguelike rpg. Many interesting features, such as the possibility of developing your own caravan, hiring NPCs in order to unlock new objects and abilities up to the management of wounds and mental states, all accompanied by a fantastic pixel-art graphic. Our interview with the developer.

7Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen

Realm Beyond

Ceres Games | TBA 2020 | Official website | Steam page

After the great success of the Kickstarter campaign, Realms Beyond will arrive in 2020, but without a specific date. It is a Fantasy RPG where we can guide up to 6 characters at the same time and explore the world freely.

8Dark Envoy – TBA 2020

Dark Envoy

Event Horizon | TBA 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Style to sell for this interesting turn-based tactical game inspired by X-Com and Dragon Age. Thanks to our ship, we will be able to explore the game world looking for mythical locations, and procedurally generated dungeons with optional tactical objectives.

9Star Renegades

Star Renegades

Massive Damage | TBA 2020 | Official website | Steam page

We have also been following this title for a long time. From the creators of Halcyon 6, comes this promising rogue-lite RPG. We put on the shoes of resistance against an evil authoritarian empire. Learn more

10Darkest Dungeon 2

Darkest Dungeon 2

Red Hook Studios | TBA | Official website |

There is no need for presentations for the new Red Hook Studios chapter. Unfortunately, the info is still few and we don’t know what the news could be. We look forward to learning more.

11Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

Inxile Entertainment | TBA 2020 | Official website | Steam page

The new chapter of one of the most important post-apocalyptic series ever, under development at INXILE. Let’s go back to impersonating the desert rangers in the desperate struggle to keep ARIZONA alive. Choices that change the course of history, brutal turn-based battles, and many hours of exploration await us in this new chapter.

12Sacred Fire

Sacred Fire

Poetic Studio | TBA | Official website

Sacred Fire is a narrative RPG in which your humanity and emotions impact your fight for survival and inner freedom. Inspired by ancient Caledonia, the story follows a group of resistance fighters and their rise to power. Learn more

1971 Project Helios

RECO TECHNOLOGY | Q1 2020 | Official website

1971 Project Helios is a turn-based strategy game that combines modern warfare military tactics and close combat. Firearms and vehicles are scarce, conflicts and hostilities have no end, and the terrible freezing cold annihilates friends and foes in its path. Eight characters have to join forces for a common cause: find an important scientist kidnapped by a massive stratocracy. Along their way, they will have to avoid raider attacks, investigate military headquarters, and infiltrate into the territory of a dangerous anti-technological religious sect. Learn more

14End State

End State

Iron Sight LTD | TBA | Official website | Steam page

A turn-based tactical game inspired by games such as Xcom and Jagged Alliance. But it is from the latter that he takes more inspiration and that from the first screenshots reminds me a lot of Jagged Alliance 2. Could it be the real successor of the Jagged Alliance that we are all waiting for? Learn more

15Wizards of Unica

Wizards of Unica

CarbonLaser games | TBA | Official website

When turn-based combats are combined with roguelike elements, puzzles, and spells, Wizards of Unica comes out. Learn more

16Alder’s Blood

Alder's Blood

Shockwork Games | Q1 2020 | Steam page

A dark world full of monsters awaits us in this very promising turn-based strategy game. In Alder’s Blood we will have to manage our caravan while we explore the world, taking care of our hunters, weapons and items to take on a mission. During the fights, the stealth component will be very important, in fact we will have to pay attention to where the wind blows, to avoid being intercepted by the scent of monsters. Definitely a title to keep under control. Our interview with Alder’s Blood developer



Steven Kaule | TBA | Official website

Homefall is a tactical turn-based game with light rpg elements. Set in a post-apocalyptic science-fiction scenario. Featuring four characters, a squad of scavengers, supported by the last bastion of humanity.

18Vagrus: The Riven Realms

Vagrus The Riven Realms

Lost Pilgrims Studio | TBA 2020 | Official website | Steam page

A profound RPG experience with many different implications, given its procedurally generated nature. Let’s explore the wasteland in the role of Vagrus, the leader of a caravan. In his shoes we will have to make decisions that change the course of the adventure, manage the food and face turn-based fights by letting the various characters we meet during the journey help us. Our interview with the developers

19Sentinels of Freedom

Sentinels of Freedom

Underbite Games | February 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Prepare for a story-driven campaign within the Sentinel Comics universe as you join forces with an ever-growing team of heroes to face a wide variety of villains. What seems like a typical bank heist reveals itself to be just the tip of a much more sinister plan! Learn more

20Land of Arxox

Land of Arxox

Advent RPG | TBD | Official website | Steam page

Explore the 8-Biomes of Arxox. Live the life of a Dwarf, Elf, or Human folk hero. Hunt. Fish. Master spell runes of the ancients and defeat a powerful Arch Villain. Learn more

21Path of Thalanos

Path of Thalanos

Roman Dammer | TBA | Steam page

Path of Thalanos is a roguelike dungeon crawler with a rich random item and skill system. Encounter many random generated events, shrines, traps and enemies. Build your hero and find out how deep you can go into the dungeon. Each run is unique.



FunnerSoft, LLC | TBA | Official website | Steam page

It’s a turn-based, strategic, party building, RPG. Sort of like a Deck Builder, sort of like an Action RPG.



Lightbulb Crew | TBD 2020 | Official website | Steam page

The promising Horror Themed Tactical Turn-Based GameOthercide by indie Parisian Lightbulb Crew developer where we will be leading female warriors who will have to deal with horrors coming from parallel realities. Gameplay Walkthrough with the developers

24Shore Unknown

Shore Unknown

Vallynne | Q1 2020 | Official website | Steam page

A promising low-poly turn-based tactical RPG with an innovative gridless battle system. A tactical combat system with great potential and deep and mature story that is shaped according to our choices, these are the pillars on which Shore Unknown is based. Learn more

25Stirring Abyss

Stirring Abyss

Sleepy Sentry | TBA | Official website

Exploring the depths of the Atlantic ocean in a disturbing atmosphere in this promising turn-based tactical RPG. Stirring Abyss presents itself as a turn-based strategy RPG game, where we will control several sailors, each with their own characteristicstraits, and skills. Learn more

26Terran Shield

Terran Shield

Zamolxis Entertainment Studios | TBA 2020 | Official website

Terran Shield is a turn-based strategy game developed in the same vein as X-COM and Jagged Alliance. Terran Shield has been designed as a strategy game that will test the player’s ability to adapt, plan and reflect on their own actions. Learn more



Happy Ray Games | TBA | Official website | Steam Page | Humble Bundle

A turn-based tactical RPG about a group of troublesome magic students. Use timing mechanics to power your spells and block attacks, explore the twisted halls of a vast magic school, fight challenging monsters and bosses, and uncover dark secrets never meant to be found. Learn more

28The Protagonist: EX-1

The Protagonist

3Mind Games | TBD 2020 | Official website | Steam page

A new Sci-Fi Turn-based game developing by 3MIND GAMES. An interesting mixing of XCOM, MASS EFFECT and DIVINITY. The game is inspired by XCOM regarding the combat-phase. They are turn-based with an Initiative and Action Points System (I.A.P.S.) The combat is focusing on a melee system, with combo, defense movements and more. Learn more. Learn more

29Sine Requie: Snake Eyes

Sine Requie

We Were UV | TBA (perhaps suspended) | Official website | Steam page

Based on the multiple awarded tabletop role-playing game Sine Requie, Snake Eyes is an investigative horror RPG with a strong strategic component. The game reveals the investigative tale of inquisitor Rossano Mazzoni, that will bring him to travel between the Tuscan Mountains in an alternative version of 1954, in which the dead arise to eat the flesh of the living.

30Skald: Against the Black Priory

SKALD Against the Black Priory

SCAPE-IT | TBA | Official website

A classic, turn-based RPG set in a dark and gritty fantasy universe full of tragic heroes, violent deaths and eldritch horror. Learn more

31Small Saga

Small Saga

Jeremy Noghani | TBA | Kickstarter page | Itch.io page

Small Saga is a turn-based RPG from a mouse-eye perspective. Venture into the labyrinthine sewers beneath Kings Cross station. Use a lost thimble as your helmet and a discarded scalpel as your spear. Befriend a lute-strumming dwarf hamster. Incite a prison riot and overthrow an oppressive squirrel regime. Clash with rodents, bugs, snakes, owls, and perhaps even the gods themselves.

32Space Wreck

Space Wreck

Pahris Entertainment SIA | 28 Feb 2020 | Steam page

A passenger shuttle is damaged after the pirate attack and you must find replacement parts on a nearby derelict space ship. — Intentionally short hardcore role-playing game that borrows as much as possible from best isometric RPGs (Fallout, Fallout 2, Arcanum).

33We are the Caretakers

We are the Caretakers

Heart Shaped Games LLC | TBA | Official website | Store page

Inspired afro-futurist turn-based strategy RPG developed by Heart Shaped Games where we lead a group of a high-tech organization to protect the planet. The game introduces players to an original sci-fi universe with nuanced societies, deep mysteries, layered management challenges, and escalating conflicts that have no easy or absolute solutions. Our 10 Turns Interview with the developer

34Iron Danger

Iron Danger

Action Squad Studios | TBA | Official website | Steam page

Iron Danger is a tactical combat game with a unique time manipulation mechanic. A never before seen combination that combines the tactical depth of turn-based games with the exciting action of real-time games.

35The Last Spell

The Last Spell

CCCP | TBA 2020 | Official website | Steam page

The Last Spell is a turn-based tactical RPG immersed in roguelite mechanics in which you lead a team of hardened heroes to defend the last bastion of humanity against hordes of monsters. Learn more

36Xenonauts 2

Xenonauts 2

Goldhawk Interactive | TBA | Official website | Steam page

Take control of a clandestine organization battling an alien invasion in this deep and challenging strategy game – can you hold humanity together long enough to end the extraterrestrial threat forever?



Transhumanoid | TBA | Official website | Steam page

SYNSTASIS is a turn-based cyberpunk RPG with tactical elements, set in a post-libertarian future where governments have been deemed irrelevant and 90% of humanity live in megacities run entirely by corporations.

38Urtuk: The Desolation

Urtuk The Desolation

Mad Sheep Studios | Q1 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Developed by Mad Sheep Studios, Urtuk is set in a dark fantasy world inspired by DARKEST DUNGEON and BATTLE BROTHERS, with turn-based combat on procedurally generated maps. Learn more

39Tactical Breach Wizards

Tactical Breach Wizards

Suspicious Developments | TBA | Steam page

Tactical Breach Wizards is a small-scale, turn-based tactics game where you play a team of wizards in modern-day tactical gear, breaching and clearing rooms full of armed hostiles by making clever use of interesting spells. It’s still in early development, so everything about it might change!

40Rising Lords

Rising Lords

Argonwood | Q2 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Rising Lords is a medieval turn-based strategy game with card and board game elements. Send your serfs to fight and die in your name… or let them prosper, and use them to your advantage! Learn more

41Tale of Ronin

Tale of ronin

Dead Mage | TBA | Official website

Live as a ronin, survive the consequences of your choices in a dynamic world of turmoil and violence featuring turn-based combats. An RPG game about camaraderie and betrayal, about war and peace, and above all honor, coming to PC and consoles. Learn more

42The Hand of Merlin

The Hand of Merlin

Room-C Games, Croteam | Q4 2020 | Official website | Steam page

The Hand of Merlin by CroTeam is a turn-based rogue-lite RPG in which Arthurian legend clashes with sci-fi horror.

43Cris Tales

Cris Tales

Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK | TBD 2020 | Official website | Steam page

A love letter to classic JRPGs like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Valkyrie Profile, and modern classics like Bravely Default and Persona 5. The possibility of moving in time, between past and future to change the course of events and also to overturn the results of a battle. Here is our gameplay video while here you’ll find our overview.

44Crown Trick

Crown trick

NEXT Studios | TBA 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Crown Trick is a procedurally generated dungeon-crawler game with turn-based roguelike gameplay and hand-drawn art style. Take up the unbelievable crown and start your underground adventure with the power bestowed! Learn more


Bouncyrock Entertainment | TBA | Official website

TaleSpire is an online, digital, graphical way of playing classic P&P Role-playing games with your friends. As a DM, build your campaign in-game and invite your players for sessions. To your left you can watch one of our streams to see for yourself.

46Wasteland Raiders

Wasteland Raiders

Creative Storm Entertainment | Spring 2020 | Steam page

You are not the hero – you are the villain. As the leader of a merciless band of post-apocalyptic raiders, build and manage your organization while pillaging, kidnapping, and battling mercenaries tasked with stopping your rampage. The wasteland doesn’t need another hero.

47Terra Randoma

Terra Randoma Game Mechanics

Deniz K. | TBA 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Terra Randoma is a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG with a fluent combat system. You live the life of an adventurer in a procedurally generated open world full of curiosities. Your actions affect the world and your story emerges as you play. Learn more

48The Monster Breeder

Fantasy Creations | TBD 2020 | Steam page

Turn-based fantasy game. Manage your monster-breeding enterprise. Tame and breed monsters, train warriors and mages, forge them into battle teams, and send them to the arena to fight for gold and glory.

49King’s Bounty II

Kings Bounty 2

1C Entertainment | TBD 2020 | Official website | Steam page

The King’s Bounty turn-based tactics series returns with King’s Bounty 2! In addition to the tactical depth, fans expect from its combat, immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Antara with a whole new, non-linear narrative and deep RPG mechanics that give weight to your every decision.

50Ragtag Crew

Hardlane Studio | Q4 2020 | Steam page

Help your team of adventurers make it through a deadly desert and find the treasures of a lost civilization. Navigate a randomly generated map, make tough choices based on text events, and take part in fiendishly difficult turn-based battles.

51Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game

Colony ship Rpg

Iron Tower Studio | Fall 2020 | Official website | Steam page

From Dungeon Rats and Age of Decadence developer, comes a promising isometric turn-based RPG, this time set in space, on a ship en route to colonizing a distant planet. Learn more

52The Way of Wrath

The Way of Wrath

Animmal | TBD 2020 | Steam page

Starving, cold, hunted for days. You have clawed your way out of jaws of death and found shelter in the ruins of an old fort. Nowhere to run now. Fight or Die. The Way of Wrath is a story-driven, turn-based, tactical RPG.

53Angon: The Grim Age

Angon The Grim Age

SublimeGStudio | TBA | Indie DB

Enter into the journey that leads the world to chaos and misery, exploring unique places on the wasted land of Eradon. Take decisions that can shape the destiny of the people, battle on turn-based old rpg style and immerse yourself in the rich and deep lore with unique npcs that actually cares with your actions. The people of Hellstad waits for your arrival.

54Archmage Rises

Archmage Rises

Defiance Game Studio | TBA | Official website | Steam page

Experience the freedom normally only found in a tabletop RPG. Empowered with magic, you will create your own story, and experience real consequences from the decisions you make. Will you be the world’s savior . . . or its destroyer? The choice is yours.

55Auto Fire


Vertigames | Early Access 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Engage in classic car combat in a tactical RPG that roams across outlaw lands in a world where drivers are worshiped like celebrities. Salvage equipment and cars and build the sexiest, deadliest ride. Work for a corp, haul cargo, fight in the combat arena or become a savior. The choice is yours.

56Dark Bestiary

Ivan Qd Karlashenko | TBA | Official website | Steam page

Dark Bestiary is turn-based combat-focused RPG with classless progression system and tons of skills. The main goal of the game is exploration but not huge open worlds but synergies of skills, talents and items.

57Dark Drive

Dark Drive

Select Start | TBD 2020 | Steam page

Dark Drive 2D, a retro-graphic game with mixes many different genres, including RPG, Rouge-lite, Turn-Based and a distinct breathtaking fighting system.

58The Dungeon of Naheulbeauk: The Amulet of Chaos

Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk

Artefacts Studios | Summer 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Step into the wacky heroic fantasy universe of the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk. Lead a team of unlikely and clumsy heroes in an epic and challenging tactical RPG. Live an adventure filled with humor, surprises and silly encounters.

59Dungeons of Everchange

Dungeons of Everchange

60Tenderfoot Tactics

Tenderfoot Tactics

Badru | Early 2020 | Steam page

A tactical RPG inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics where elemental magic interacts with the natural world to have complex consequences. Learn more



Revolutionary Interactive | MID 2020 | Steam page

Fractalis is a procedurally generated roguelike that has turn-based/grid-based combat with a realtime feel.

62Get in the Car, Loser!

Get in the Car Loser

Love Conquers All Games | TBD 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Inspired by choice-driven visual novels, and a battle system influenced by classic and modern JRPGs. WILL YOU STAND AND FIGHT IN THE FACE OF EVIL?

63Graywalkers: Purgatory

Graywalker Gameplay 1

Dreamlords Digital Inc. | TBA | Official website | Steam page

Graywalkers Purgatory is a turn-based strategy RPG set in a supernatural post-apocalyptic world where Heaven and Hell merged with Earth. You play the prophesied hero who is destined to gather all of the Graywalkers, and together lead the war to retake earth from its supernatural conquerors. Learn more

64Songs of Conquest

Songs of Conquest

Lavapotion | TBA | Official website

An RPG inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic and Total War developed by the talented Lavapotions. In the game, we will have to manage the buildings, the troops and the commanders who will go to war in turn-based battles.



Klei Entertainment | June 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Griftlands is a deck-building roguelite where you negotiate, fight, steal or otherwise persuade others to get your way. Every decision is important, be it the jobs you take, the friends you make, or the cards you collect. Death comes quickly, but each play offers new situations and strategies to explore.

66Veil of Entropy: Norfolk Warriors

Norfolk Warriors

Mouchet Software | TBA | Official website

A Turn-based RPG with a strong ‘gamebook’ feel, set in a medieval fantasy world where players control a set of characters to achieve their desired goal. The goals are set out by the player and can change from game to game. Learn more

67Broken Lines

Portaplay | Q1 2020 | Official Website | Steam page

Broken Lines is an original tactical turn-based game set in Eastern Europe during World War II, full of style, roguelike elements and a compelling story inspired by titles like Frozen Synapse, X-Com and Banner Saga. Learn more

68Void Eclipse

Void Eclipse

Tau Ceti Studios | May 2020 | Official website

Void Eclipse is a new blend of tactical card battler and immersive sci-fi story RPG. You’ll be challenged by turn-based strategic combat, where you choose how to evolve your character and military with interesting abilities. Learn more

69Urban Strife

Urban Strife Dialogues

Take a pinch of Jagged Alliance & Xcom, put hordes of zombies, mix well and you’ll have Urban Strife, a very promising isometric turn-based RPG. Our interview with the developer.

70Curious Expedition 2

Maschinen-Mensch | TBA | Steam page

Curious Expedition 2 is the follow-up to the award-winning 19th century expedition simulation. Join the legendary Explorer Clubs and venture on unprecedented expeditions to regions never explored before for fame, science and treasures.



Amplitude Studios | TBA | Official website | Steam Page

HUMANKIND is Amplitude Studios’ magnum opus, a Historical Strategy game where YOU will re-write the entire narrative of humankind – a convergence of culture, history, and values that allows you to create a civilization that is as unique as you are. HOW FAR WILL YOU PUSH HUMANKIND?

72Alliance of the Sacred Suns

Alliance of the Sacred Sun

KatHawk Studios, LLC |Early Access Q1 2020 | Steam page

A millennia in the future, humanity is scattered and broken, forced to flee from a diabolical alien species that obliterated Earth and hunts humanity to this day. In this revolutionary 4X/Grand Strategy game, you are the last Emperor of the Celestial Empire.

73Mortal Glory

Mortal Glory

Redbeak Games | Q1 2020 | Steam page

Mortal Glory is a fantasy-themed tactical roguelike game about recruiting a team of gladiators and pitting them against the brutal competition in a blood-soaked tournament. Train your gladiators, find a legendary sword, learn ancient spells, recruit a celebrity, cheat – do whatever it takes to bring glory to your name!

74Warhammer Underworlds Online

Warhammer Underworlds Online

Steel Sky Productions | Jan 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Lead your fighters to Glory in the ultimate dice-and-cards strategy combat video game. Warhammer Underworlds: Online pits mighty warbands against one another in an eternal battle for glory in the realms of the Age of Sigmar.

75Tainted Grail

Tainted Grail Pc Rpg

Awaken Realms Digital | TBA | Steam page

Unravel the mysteries of the Guardian Menhirs and save your hometown in this narrative-driven, turn-based open-world RPG – a bold reimagining of the classic Arthurian legends.

76Spellsword Cards: DungeonTop

Spellsword Cards Arena

One Up Plus Entertainment | 16 Jan 2020 | Steam page

A promising indie roguelike turn-based RPG sapiently mixed with card mechanics and delightful graphic arts. Learn more



Anshar Studios | TBA | Steam page | Official website

Something similar to Disco Elysium. As a private detective, it’s your job to solve crimes inside virtual worlds. What decisions will you make in a world where child slavery is a F2P game, where murder over a game-clan dispute is an every-day reality? Who will you become in the XXII century?



Yokogosystems | Jan 7 2020 | Steam page

ReversiQuest2 is a single-player tactical JRPG with a battle system based on Reversi. Those good ole days of pixel art, characters, and sounds reminiscent of video games of the mid 90’s. No need to know the previous ReversiQuest to enjoy ReversiQuest2!

79Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Ruined King Announced

Airship Syndicate | TBA | Official website

Ruined King is developed by Airship Syndicate (Battle Chaser, Darksiders Genesis) and it will be a story-driven turn-based RPG set in the world of League of Legends.

80Gears Tactics

Gear Tactics - Announcement

Splash Damage, The Coalition | April 28 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Gears Tactics is a strategic spin-off of the Gears of War saga, a kind of XCOM that seems to be really well done.

81The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

Dark Crystal Pc Game

BonusXP | 4 Feb, 2020 | Steam page

In The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics, you will lead a fledgling resistance of Gelfling against their oppressive overlords, the Skeksis, across more than 50 unique turn-based tactics RPG battles.

82As Far As The Eye

As far as the eye

Unexpected | TBA | Steam page

Embark on an exciting journey in the gorgeous world of A FATE. Build a mobile village and travel with your tribe toward the center of the world, called The Eye. This turn-based resource-management game is made of procedural situations, natural events, skill-trees and hard choices. Ready to move?

83Shardpunk: Verminfall

Shardpunk Verminfall

Slawomir Bryk | TBA | Steam page

Shardpunk: Verminfall, promising tactical turn-based strategy game developed by Slawomir Bryk inspired by X-Com and Darkest Dungeon. Learn more

84Chaos Galaxy

Chaos Galaxy

Han Zhiyu | Spring 2020 | Steam page

A pixel-art turn-based Galaxy total war game. You can select 14 factions, 54 heroes, hundreds of warships and mecha, and command multiple fleets to carry out great strategic operations on the map of the galaxy.

85Bright Red Skies

Bright Red Skies

Mark Viola | TBA | Steam Page

Bright Red Skies is a story-driven post-apocalyptic tactical turn-based JRPG where you make decisions that affect the story.



Coda Games | TBA | Official website

Liege is a JRPG with tactical turn-based battles. The gameplay focuses on strategic placement of units and movement, and is inspired by games like FF TacticsFire Emblem, and chess. Like chess, combat in Liege is designed to be easy to learn, difficult to master.

87Project Witchstone

Project Witchstone

Spearhead Games | TBA | Official website | Steam page

From indie developer Spearhead Games, comes a promising turn-based sandbox RPG which takes shape according to the choices we make in the game. Read my overview

88Black Book

Black Book

Morteshka | TBA | Official website | Steam page

Go through the Slavic Myths in this dark turn-based Rpg that mix adventures point and click elements with card mechanics. Read the overview


TRAGsoft | TBA | Official website | Steam page

I if you like Pokemons, you must be excited about Coromon. Coromon is a modern monster taming game with retro pixel art that brings an immersive storyline, strategic turn-based combat and challenging puzzles to a classic genre.


Bonfire Pc RPG

MoaCube | Q1 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Bonfire is a rapid, deeply tactical turn-based roguelike RPG about journey, failure, and heroes who care a little too much.

91Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Master

Legend of Keepers

Goblinz Studio | TBA | Steam page

Legend of Keepers is the perfect mix between Dungeon Management and Roguelite. You have been hired as a dungeon master by the Dungeons Company. Your job is simple: protect their dungeons! We tried it and immediately fell in love with pixel art settings and animations.

92Ultimate Adom: Caverns of Chaos

Ultimate Adom

Thomas Biskup | TBA | Official website

Pick up your blade, prepare your spells, check your daggers and ready your bow, for you are about to enter the ominous Caverns of Chaos. Choose your allegiance carefully, for nothing less than the fate of the world depends on your actions and your success or failure.

93Project Haven

Project Haven

Foresight Games | TBA | Official website | Steam page

A tactical turn-based RPG, with a gritty story for a mature audience. You command the Steel Dragons, a mercenary outfit fighting for survival in the harsh, urban near-future that is Haven City. Read the overview

94Hypergalaxy Squad

Hypergalaxy Squad

LevenLiu | TBA | Steam page

Hyper Galaxy Squad” is a Sci-fi turn-based tactical game.In the 24th century, with the application of FTL technology, the human colony spread throughout the galaxy.You accepted the request of the Galaxy Republic to perform a dangerous mission.



4 Dimension Games | Fall 2020 | Steam page

Explore a vast open world and crawl through dungeons in first person, then fight tactical turn-based battles from a top-down perspective. Guide your adventuring party through Archaelund, mankind’s last frontier, and uncover its many secrets.

96We are the Plague

We are the Plague items

Forever Entertainment S. A. | TBA | Official website | Steam page

A hand-drawn tactical turn-based game where we are guided by the Plague as he seeks revenge around a dark-fantasy world. Read the overview

97Arcadian Atlas

Arcadian Atlas - Pc Turn-based game

Twin Otter Studios | TBA | Official website | Steam page

Arcadian Atlas is a 2D isometric tactical role-playing game about the choices people make in pursuit of the things they love, and the havoc it wreaks on a kingdom. Read the overview

98Eidolons: Netherflame

Eidolons: Netherflame

Alexander Kamen, Wyrmring | TBA | Steam page

A dark tactical roguelike RPG with gritty turn-based combat, atmospheric dungeon exploration, deep hero customization and a Dark Souls feel, Eidolons: Netherflame pits you against fearsome bosses and tests your mastery, enfolds you in a melancholy story inspired by Planescape: Torment. Read our interview to the developer

99Iris and the Giant: Card Deck Roguelike

Iris and the Giant

Louis Rigaud | TBA | Itch.io page | Steam page

Iris and The Giant is a fusion of the CCG, RPG and roguelike genres. You play as Iris, who must brave her fears in her imaginary world. Dive into a melancholic and gripping adventure, filled with cute monsters and buried memories. Ready to face your inner demons?

100Dead Age 2

Dead Age 2

Silent Dreams | Early 2020 | Steam page

The successful indie survival RPG “Dead Age” (84% very positive) is back with a vengeance! No other game offers this mix of role-playing, rogue-like, fast-paced turn-based combat and survival all in one. Inspired by Darkest Dungeon, Fallout 1+2, This War of Mine and The Walking Dead.



Blackfox Studios | Q1 2020 | Official website | Steam page

Dreadlands is a turn-based skirmish strategy game in a shared world where you battle for the valuable resource – Glonithium, “Glow” for short. Explore the lush world in Dreadlands by travelling across its many regions with your misfit gang of miscreants and mercenaries.

I will try to keep this list updated, with release dates and new entries instead when a game is released, it will be removed from the list. Please help me by writing in the comments any games you think should be on this list.

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  1. […] Today I tried the Chaos Galaxy demo. Sequel to Chaos Sector. A strategic currently under development that combines planet management with Fire Emblem-style combat developed by a single person, namely Han Zhiyu that goes for sure in the list of the most promising upcoming turn-based games of 2020. […]

  2. Disciples 1 and 2. NOT 3. Atlantica online. How is it possible that nobody does anything like that, 2 games in the entire history of gaming ?


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