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Top 10 Early Access RPGs of 2022

The Best 10 Upcoming Turn-Based RPGs to play in early access right now

Seeing how widespread Early Access is for gamers and developers, finding what Early Access games are available to play has gotten hard. Lucky for you, if you are a fan of turn-based games, then we hav...

Stoneshard – Gameplay First Look

The first 30 minutes of gameplay after the prologue of Stoneshard, roguelike Turn-based RPG developed by Ink Stains Games & produced by HypeTrain Digital.

Upcoming turn-based games

On the Radar – February 2020

“It ain’t been easy” While Sananda Maitreya is singing and telling me that “It ain’t been easy” (watch out for “The Fallen Angel Tour 2019 – Live ...

Best of the week

Best of the week 13-19 January

A Long Way Down – Released Developed by Seenapsis Studio and published by Goblinz Studio and Maple Whispering L. A Long Way Down is a deck-building roguelite RPG where we guide Sam through intri...

Stoneshard Pc Game

Stoneshard – New screenshots

Stoneshard by Ink Stains Games, one of the turn-based RPG I’m waiting for most, has just released new amazing screenshots. Stoneshard is a promising roguelike turn-based RPG set in a dark world ...

Stoneshard Pc Game

Stoneshard – Remastered prologue

While waiting for Stoneshard‘s upcoming release date on 6 of February 2020, Ink Stains Games just updated the free downloadable prologue that now contains a year and half of hard work. The first...

Upcoming turn-based strategy RPG of 2020

Upcoming Turn-based Strategy Tactical Rpgs 2020

We are approaching the end of the year and therefore we are starting to prepare this list for the most promising turn-based titles coming out for 2020. In the list, we include strategic, tactical, RPG...

Best of the week

Best of the week 14-20 October

Disco Elysium – New release Disco Elysium is a groundbreaking open world role-playing game. You’re a detective with a unique skill system at your disposal and a whole city block to carve ...

Stoneshard Pc Game

Stoneshard – Release Date Trailer

Ink Stains Games upcoming roguelike turn-based RPG has an official release date and a new trailer has been published for the occasion. The release of the game we are looking forward to is scheduled fo...

Stoneshard Pc Game

Stoneshard – A little chat

I have to admit, Stoneshard is – at least for me – one of the most wanted games of 2019. I’ve begun to follow the game since, some months ago, I played the Prologue and it was litera...

Top 10 true roguelike turn-based RPGs

Top 10 traditional Roguelike turn-based RPGs

This morning I decided to prepare a list with the best traditional roguelike RPGs with turn-based mechanics. I will listen to the community suggestions to update the list often. Before starting, ...

upcoming turn-based rpgs of 2018

10 upcoming indie tactical turn-based RPGs of 2018 * Updated

In this post, I have collected some upcoming indie games of 2018. Below you will find tactical/strategy turn-based RPG with a release date declared for 2018, even though most do not have a precise rel...

Stoneshard Pc Game

Stoneshard – Overview

Our overview of STONESHARD, one of the most anticipated rogue like turn-based RPGs that has recently started its Kickstarter campaign developed by indie Ink Stains Games from New York. In STONESHARD, ...